Weekend Fun

Justin and I have been spending the last few days in Tallahassee, and even though we were just here a few weeks ago, we’ve had so much fun visiting with everyone! During this past visit, we stayed with our friends Ruben and Tiffany again (eventually they’re going to start locking the door and turning off all the lights when they see us pulling up into their driveway), and we wanted to make them an authentic Chinese meal. There’s a cute little Korean supermarket right down the street from their house, and it happens to carry a lot of Chinese (and maybe even some Japanese) products too! Walking through the aisles was SO bizarre, because it almost transported me back to China. I saw a lot of brand names and packaging that I recognized, and I heard a customer in the next aisle speaking with the store manager in Korean. That little store must feel like a home away from home for a lot of foreigners in Tallahassee!

Justin and I grabbed all of our favorite ingredients and headed back to Tiffany and Ruben’s house, hoping that we could make food almost as delicious as the food we ate while we were in China:

Justin and I sharing the stove

I’m not sure if it tasted quite as good as REAL Chinese food, but we tried our best.

The Whole Gang

We also had the chance to attend the last summer pool party at my friend Julie’s house–something that usually happens about once a week all summer long. She is a teacher, and she starts back at school TOMORROW, so we tried our best to make this last pool day a good one!

Everyone hanging out

I tried to help Tiffany’s puppy Adi with her first swim in the pool.

Jenny’s two year old, Ella, is so cute. Whenever anyone does something she doesn’t like, she starts wagging her finger saying, “No, no, no!” with the cutest little pouty face! She is hilarious!

I love summer! And I miss my Tallahassee friends already!

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