Another One Bites the Dust

This past weekend, my friend and former roommate Beth got married in Asheville, North Carolina. Justin and I had the chance to go and see it, and I was especially looking forward to it because it was a roommate reunion–we hadn’t all three been together in a few years. Beth was the last of the three roommates to get married, and we were so excited to see how she would plan her wedding (especially since Beth does event planning for a living)!  Just like we knew they would be, the ceremony and reception were SO cute, and she added little touches that made them different from any other wedding I’ve ever seen. Beth did an awesome job!

Going to the wedding this past weekend also started making me feel a little sentimental about my college days. So bear with me as I take you for a walk down memory lane…

For the last two years of my college career, I lived in this cute little house at #7 West Carolina Street:

With these two lovely ladies:

We had a lot of great times together, including:

Birthdays… (It’s our university’s tradition to throw your friends into the fountain on campus to celebrate their birthday, and here we are after throwing Ashley in)

…In the Kitchen…(Beth is definitely the best cook out of the three of us, and she is always very nutritional. Sometimes she would make zucchini–EW!–and not let Ashley or me leave the dinner table before we had finished it–yes, ALL of it!)

…Formal Banquets…(Aren’t we pretty?)

…Christmas…(Beth made us those stockings–aren’t they cute?)

…and even bedtime! (This is what we did every night! –Haha, not really.)

I was the first to move out of #7 on account of the fact that I was getting married. I had both of my roommates in my bridal party, and I was so grateful to have them be such an integral part of my special day! They made all of the pre-wedding parties and events so much more fun, and they definitely helped me to stay calm and relaxed on the morning of my wedding.

Roommate kisses in wedding #1

Soon after that, both Beth and Ashley moved out of #7 and went their separate ways, but we came together one year later for Ashley’s wedding!

Entire bridal party, with Beth and me on the right side (and I love that Ashley is wearing her classic excited face in this picture!)

Roommate kisses in wedding #2

After that, we REALLY went our separate ways. Ashley moved to Virginia Beach so her husband could attend a law school there, Beth moved to Asheville, North Carolina to take an event coordinator job, and Justin and I moved around a lot–including a year-long stint teaching in China. But yesterday we were reunited again!

Beth’s dress was GORGEOUS, but you can’t really see the full length of it here.

Roommate kisses in wedding #3

I think both Andrew (Beth’s new husband) and Davy (Ashley’s husband) are really lucky guys, because I know how much fun it is to live with these girls! I love being married to and living with Justin, but sometimes I also miss being roommates with these two. We had some great times together, and #7 will always hold a special place in my heart!

Love these girls! 😀

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4 thoughts on “Another One Bites the Dust

  1. Beth

    This post is awesome and brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for all the wonderful memories!

  2. Aww, you and your girlfriends are all gorgeous! I love thinking back to my college days and remembering the good times with my besties. 🙂 Congrats to Beth!

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