Happy Birthday to Us!

Throughout my entire life, I’ve gotten really spoiled on my birthday every year because I only had one (much older) sister. I was the baby in the family, and everyone always pulled out all the stops to celebrate my special day.

Until I got married.

My husband and I were born in the same year, only two weeks apart. Justin always makes sure to give me a lot of grief about being “the older woman” since I have the earlier birthday. 😛 Ever since we’ve gotten married, we’ve either taken turns having a big birthday bash, or we’ve thrown ourselves a “joint-birthday” party to make things easier for our friends. My actual birthday was on September 1st, but there has been a smattering of celebrations all week long!

Celebration One: I got some great birthday presents from my husband and my parents, and Justin took me out to eat at a restaurant of my choice.  He really had to take one for the team here, because I chose Chili’s, which is one of Justin’s LEAST favorite restaurants, but I thought it was delicious!

Headed to Chili’s with my birthday “tiara” (headband) on!

I was really relieved that Justin didn’t have the waitstaff at Chili’s walk through the aisles of the restaurant singing “Happy Birthday” to me. Miraculously, he told the waitress that it was my birthday, and she quietly brought me a complimentary fudge brownie with vanilla ice cream on top without making any hullabaloo. I always hate having head in the restaurant turn towards me! A few years ago, I was traumatized by a restaurant waitstaff on my birthday. Justin took me to a Mexican restaurant to celebrate, and they came out singing to me in Spanish and plopped a giant sombrero on my head. Every eye in the place was on me as one of the waiters carried out a plate of flan, scooped a big spoonful, and tried to feed it to me himself. Every time I opened my mouth to take a bite, he would pull the spoon away as if to tease me. So there I was with a ridiculous sombrero on my head, open-mouthed and biting at the air like a little fish. Everyone at the neighboring tables was laughing at me, and just when I began to refuse to hold my mouth open for the spoon anymore, the waiter came at me with the spoon and smeared the dessert all over my nose and chin! Everyone in the restaurant had a good laugh at my expense, but I was sinking down into my chair, mortified. Ugh!….bad birthday memories….

Celebration Two: My parents treated Justin and I to the restaurant of his choice for his birthday. This time, they had to take one for the team because Justin chose Olive Garden (for their never-ending-pasta-bowl special), and my parents really prefer Carrabba’s. But Justin got the chance to eat a bunch of pasta, and we both really enjoyed it. Then we went home and watched The Hunger Games on DVD. It was my parents’ first time seeing it, and my dad might be obsessed with it now. 😉

Celebration Three: We drove back down to Tallahassee, and our friends threw us a joint birthday party, completely stocked with pizza and nacho cheese and all of the junk food we’d been missing during our year-long stay in China. I may have felt a little sick afterwards, but it was totally worth it! 😀

A tower of Mountain Dew, a sight so beautiful it nearly brought tears to Justin’s eyes.

Blowing out the candles on our joint-birthday cake

Justin got to enjoy some gaming with his friends.

Victory at the DMV: You may think this doesn’t count as a birthday gift or celebration, but I sure do! I recently discovered (thankfully from a pharmacist, and not from a cop) that my driver’s license is expired. Apparently it expired just before I left for China last year, and being that far past the deadline makes me look extra sketchy! I had been driving pretty frequently, so I’m really glad that I didn’t get pulled over! When I went to the DMV to get it renewed, they demanded about fifteen different forms of identification, and I started panicking because I really wasn’t prepared with copies of my birth certificate or marriage license. Most of those documents are with this parent or that parent or being held in storage, and I really started to think that I might just have to just stay unlicensed for awhile. However, though the lady at one DMV was very doom-and-gloom about my situation, the lady at the DMV across town was actually very helpful, giving me several tips for getting copies of those documents from different government agencies around town. In the end, I was able to bring home my new driver’s license (which doesn’t expire until 2021!), and that little piece of plastic was feeling very much like a birthday gift, indeed! 🙂

The Biggest Birthday Present of All: The best gift I received wasn’t really the tangible kind (but those are always the best gifts of all, aren’t they?). Justin got a very nice job offer from a company in Pittsburgh, so we finally know where we’re going and what we’re doing, and we’ll finally be able to stop bumming around with different people and have a place of our own! How nice will it be to unpack my suitcase and keep my clothing in drawers again! Forget that–how nice will it be to actually reunite with the majority of my wardrobe that’s been in storage for the past year! I’ve been wearing the same five outfits on loop for way too long, and I can’t wait to see my clothes again, and my own furniture, and all of my things! We packed up the moving truck this past weekend, and we’re all set to drive to Pittsburgh on Monday! Happy Birthday to us! 😀

Pittsburgh, here we come!

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6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Us!

  1. Micah McMillan

    Happy birthday, DeAngelises, and congrats on the big move! Rachel, does this mean you’ll be doing the grad school program you mentioned in a previous post?

    • Thanks, Micah! I will be starting grad school at the University of Pittsburgh in January! Which may work out a little bit better, because it will give me a few months to unpack and get used to our new city. 😎

  2. What a great story! Loved it. Many blessings to you guys in Pittsburgh. If Brian and I ever make it up that way, we’ll come visit y’all 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness, that Mexican restaurant birthday story is horrible! I would’ve been mortified too! I totally hear you! Poor girl! Looks like you guys had a great joint birthday this year – especially that party your friends threw! How much fun! And girl, how exciting that you guys know where you are headed! Pittsburgh will be great! 🙂

  4. Thanks, Rach! I’m excited to see how things in Pittsburgh unfold! 😎

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