The University of Pittsburgh (A.K.A. Hogwarts)

Justin and I took a little tour of the University of Pittsburgh campus this past weekend, 1. because it doesn’t cost any money and 2. because I didn’t have my camera last time we went. The city of Pittsburgh in general has a bunch of gothic-style cathedrals (it seems like there’s one on every corner!) owing to the large Catholic population, and the campus at Pitt is no different. They have beautiful structures all across campus for just about every religion–cathedrals, temples, mosques, etc. But the centerpiece of the school is the Cathedral of Learning, a 42-story gothic-style building that really looks more like a skyscraper than a traditional cathedral.

I had seen it from the outside before (are you kidding? I’ve seen it from the highway, even. It’s kind of hard to miss!), but I had never been inside before this past weekend. And even though it was deadly quiet inside, as soon as the door closed behind us, I let out an audible gasp when I first glimpsed the cavernous foyer. I didn’t even have to say anything to Justin. He hasn’t even seen the movies, but he still elbowed me and whispered, “It looks like Harry Potter’s school, doesn’t it?”

My words cannot do it justice. You have to see the pictures:


Can you imagine having a class in here?


Justin is feeling smarter already! (Hey, isn’t that Dumbledore’s chair?)

Oh man, am I late for supper in the Great Hall? All of the treacle tart will be taken!


This is just a random dark (before my camera flashed) stairwell, probably leading down to some sort of dungeon…

How exciting is it that come January I will get to go to school at Hogwarts Pitt? This is SO much better than taking classes online! But I probably shouldn’t show up to the first day of classes wearing this:

I don’t know…it’s do-able. I bet I’ll fit right in with the other students!

And you know, the more I walked around campus, the more I started to notice other similarities between Hogwarts and Pitt. I’m almost not sure which school I’m enrolled in anymore…

Is Professor Sprout in today? I need to ask her a few questions about next week’s exam.

Sure, it’s more of a “brown” lake than The Black Lake, but is there a Giant Squid living in it? Probably.

Hey, is this Hagrid’s Hut? Oh sure….we’re calling it the “visitor’s center!” Right! It’s okay, I can keep a secret. *wink wink*


Sure, this may LOOK like an innocent bronze panther statue. But come midnight, when the full moon peeks out from behind those clouds, you’d better WATCH OUT!

Does this bridge to campus look familiar? Oh…I think it does! πŸ˜‰


Oh, him? He’s just our very own CAMPUS DINOSAUR! Ok, I know…there aren’t any dinosaurs in Harry Potter. But still! How many school campuses have their own dinosaur?!

Does this mean that I can take The Fonz to classes with me? πŸ˜‰

Fonzie keeps dressing like this lately. Is he trying to tell me something? What is it, Fonz?


The only thing that I haven’t been able to figure out yet is where the Quidditch stadium is. Oh well…I’ll just ask a passing student next time I’m on campus! πŸ™‚



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4 thoughts on “The University of Pittsburgh (A.K.A. Hogwarts)

  1. Wow.. it really is hogwart-ish. One would look forward to go to school everyday.

  2. It DOES look like Hogwarts! And really it is gorgeous! So excited for you! πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks, Rach! I’m excited too!

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