Virtual Tour of Our Apartment

I finally feel like I have things in our new apartment under control enough that I can give you guys a virtual tour. We still have a few little boxes here and there (most of our clutter has accumulated in the office….why does that always happen?) and junk that we’re having trouble remembering even owning. “What is this? Did we pack it because we liked it? Or because we were eventually going to throw it away….?” Yeah, that’s been happening a lot. Maybe living in China just made us less materialistic? We did live for a year with a LOT less stuff, and we came out just fine, so maybe the things that once seemed indispensable now seem more….dispensable. In any case, here is our new, tiny apartment in Pittsburgh:

Living Room

Living Room


Dining Area

Our TINY tiny Kitchen

It’s very narrow, and also very dark (so I installed some rope lights around the ceiling to bring in some extra light).

Our cluttered office!

We’ve got books, computer/printer/internet stuff, degrees and grad pics, instruments, AND China stuff all on display in here. Eventually, when we get a house, I would like to find a way to display some of these things in a less crowded hodgepodge way. It all looks kind of random right now!


Take a walk with me down the hall…

…to our bedroom! And since our bed is king-sized, it literally is a BEDroom. Nothing much else fits in here! Still working on finding some pretty blue and brown curtains for the window.

Fonzie’s new favorite spot 😀 I wonder if there’s a way I can find a bird feeder that will cling to the outside of the window here…? He loves to watch the birds!

And finally, our TINY tiny bathroom. There’s really no easy way to take a picture of it. I stood on the bathroom counter to get this one.

Storage is an issue in here, so we’re kind of lumping all of our everyday-use products in this basket on the counter. Instead of using all of the under-the-counter space for cabinets, the builders decided to leave a big open space under there (for a vanity-type chair, I suppose?). But honestly, if I were to put a chair here, I wouldn’t be able to open and close the door anymore. I would rather just have more cupboards, or a medicine cabinet on the wall, at least! What were they thinking?

Well, that’s our apartment! What do you think? 🙂 We’re now accepting reservations for ALL of our friends to come visit and stay with us….please!? Where’s the guest room, you ask? Well…uh…hehe….we’re working on that…









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4 thoughts on “Virtual Tour of Our Apartment

  1. A lot of people in Chicago get those plastic drawers that will fit under the counter to put bathroom stuff in (you know, like extra toilet paper, towels, etc.). Also, have you seen on Pinterest how people use a tension rod to hang spray bottles?? It’s a HUGE space saver!

    • Hey Tammy! I thought about the plastic drawer idea. Justin and I already have some plastic drawers that we use in the bathroom, but they’re so tiny they fit in the cupboard under the kitchen sink. I might get some bigger, rolling-type plastic drawers to put under that counter, though. And I never thought of hanging spray bottles on a rod like that! That’s a good idea! Pinterest has so many great ideas it’s almost overwhelming sometimes! 😀

  2. It’s so cute! I love it!

  3. Thanks, Rach! 😎

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