Weekend Fun!

Justin and I had another great weekend exploring our new city! On Friday, Justin got paid, so we did a little bit of shopping (and that’s always fun)! We walked through IKEA for the first time and OH. MY. GOSH. I’ve heard people gush about how great it is, and now I’ve joined the masses. I didn’t realize that the furniture is not just clumped together like your average furniture store, but displayed in little showrooms–you feel like you’re walking through different rooms in someone’s (very nicely decorated) home! We will definitely have to go back there once we’re ready to outfit our own house.

On Saturday, we followed the recommendation of a friend and went to the Primanti Bros restaurant. Their menu was RIDICULOUS! Every sandwich on the list was a novelty item, and don’t even get me started on their special tailgating menu! Everything they had to offer looked REALLY unhealthy, but really delicious. We’ll definitely have to go back again and try out some of their other crazy meals.

Justin eating a sandwich piled high with spicy sausage and onions–he can barely fit the whole thing in his mouth!

Two coney dogs smothered in chili, with french fries and a deep fried pickle on the side. Yum!

We were feeling like beached whales after leaving Primanti Bros, but not to worry! We burned off some of the extra calories we earned by going on a bike ride. Justin and I drove past this trail for the first time last weekend, and we made a mental note to come back and visit. I think we picked the perfect time to go. There was a nice cool breeze and plenty of early fall leaves to be seen along the way!

The Montour Trail

This is one of the gates to the trail, designed and built by one of the local eagle scouts here as his special project! I thought it was pretty creative.

I took this using the auto-timer on my camera. How cool am I?! 😉

We had such a nice time that we got outdoors again the very next day by taking a walk around our neighborhood. Justin found out that Bill Cowher (who was the coach for the Steelers for 15 years in case you didn’t know, as I didn’t) grew up right here in Crafton. We were pretty surprised, not just because we’re living in Crafton right now, but because it’s such a small place that many people native to Pittsburgh haven’t even heard of it. When we meet new people, they always ask us where we live, and when we tell them, “Crafton,” they say, “Huh? Where?” So it seems pretty crazy that such a famous guy (did you know that he even appeared in The Dark Knight Rises, playing the coach of the fictional Gotham Rogues team?) used to live just around the corner from here. Justin discovered that they named a street after him, so we went for a little walk in attempt to find his street sign.

It’s kind of a tiny little street! But a nice tribute, nonetheless.

While we were out, we kept seeing sign after sign advertising open houses all around the neighborhood. We live in an area full of old two-story Tudor homes, and I’ve always been curious about what they look like on the inside! This was our chance! I felt a bit shady about it, because Justin and I just signed a year-long lease with our apartment complex, so we’re obviously not real potential home-buyers. But my curiosity got the best of me, and Justin was hoping that there would be a fruit or cheese plate that he could sample, so we went for it. The realtor at the home we toured didn’t seem to gather that we were frauds, so it all turned out okay. We took a look at this home on South Linden Avenue:

I thought that it didn’t look that special on the outside (maybe I’m just biased against brown homes), but the inside had some really great features! For one thing, the realtor told us that the house was about 100 years old, and all of the original wood floors were still in place. Part of the home was carpeted, but if I moved in, I would probably rip up all of that carpet and try to re-finish the wood floors to make them look nice again.

Look at this amazing staircase in the entryway!

A claw-foot bathtub! I have always wanted one of those!

Someone had also finished the attic to be an additional bedroom, and I stood there envisioning the space (and the tiny room to the side) being remodeled into a fabulous master bedroom with it’s own attached bathroom! There was a giant pillar-type thing in the middle of the room that may actually be helping to hold up the roof of the house, but I pictured cutting a hole through it and turning it into one of those see-through gas fireplaces like I saw at IKEA the other night!

Fancy-schmancy! 😀

I’ve been watching way too many design shows. It was really fascinating to be allowed to walk through someone else’s house, and envision how I would do things differently. But it was also a little creepy once we found out that the house belonged to an old widow who had just passed away. We saw pictures of her and her grandchildren in frames all over the house, and she still had an old book and a bottle of antacids sitting on the nightstand next to her bed. That part made it a little bit sad. I wonder if she was there in spirit, watching everyone walk around her house?!

Justin was really impressed that such a nice, old house was priced under $200,000. I was impressed that the house seemed so much bigger on the inside than it did on the outside, and that it may come complete with a ghost! (Just kidding.) One thing is for sure, I can’t wait until it’s time for us to buy our own house and transform it into our own unique space. 😎

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6 thoughts on “Weekend Fun!

  1. Oh wow, that food looks delicious! And what a pretty old house! Looks like you guys had a great time! 🙂

  2. I know! We’ve got to stop eating like this! Pittsburgh is going to make us fat! 😉

  3. Love the pretty trees! Also houses where you are are far cheaper for the size than in the UK wow!

  4. I agree! I think the houses in Pittsburgh are really affordable! But all across America we’ve had a housing market crash, so now is really the time to buy a nice big house for a really low price (much to the dismay of the people trying to sell their homes!).

  5. Kelly

    Nice house. When we live in Bethlehm, PA, we had a claw foot tub in our bathroom, they had to knock out the wall and put it back whenever the tub was placed there. Not fun for baths though, the water gets cold in 5mins! The majority of the houses are that old, the one we lived in, we bought in 2003 and then it was 110 years old. Looks like you are having fun in your new city!

    • racheldeangelis

      I’m sure there are definitely some downsides to living in an older house, but since I’ve never lived anywhere that old, I like romancing the idea of it. 🙂

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