Exploring Pittsburgh

Justin and I spent some more time this past weekend exploring our new town and discovering new places we’ve never been before! Our Pittsburgh tour guide book (a generous gift from our neighbor downstairs) informed us that we simply MUST experience breakfast at either Deluca’s or Pamela’s Diner–both if we get the chance. So on Saturday morning, we headed down to the Strip District to try out Deluca’s.

Apparently it’s a good thing that we are late risers on the weekends, because I’ve heard multiple locals complain that Deluca’s is a great place to eat, but they usually have a line waiting out the door. However, Justin and I showed up a little closer to lunch than breakfast time, and there were plenty of open tables! I debated over whether or not to get the pumpkin pancakes, but the picture showed them decked out in whipped cream and chocolate syrup, and I just wasn’t sure if I was ready to eat a giant dessert for lunch. So I went with the standard french toast, eggs, and bacon. Justin ordered a breakfast burrito which he described as being roughly the size of a newborn baby–filled with eggs, chorizo, bacon bits, cheese, salsa, sour cream, and banana peppers. So, I basically had to roll him out the door when he was finished eating.

I usually try to remember to take pictures of the food, but we were so famished that we started digging in IMMEDIATELY after our food arrived, and I didn’t remember that I had my camera until after our plates were clean. Oh well. Here are some other pics of Deluca’s:


Plaque on one of the restaurant benches: “TOM CRUISE sat here on 11-9-2011 in scene from ‘Jack Reacher'”

Jack Reacher is yet ANOTHER movie filmed in Pittsburgh, set to be released in theaters later this year.

In Deluca’s

Sidenote: Um….my hair is black now! And it’s all my mom’s fault! (Sort-of…) I dyed my hair out of the box a couple of months ago while we were still staying with my parents, and it turned out MUCH lighter than I wanted it, with a strange orange-ish tint to it. My mom saw that the box I used stated that the color was “medium ash brown” and she said, well, if you wanted it darker, you should have gone with a “dark brown.” So this time I went with dark brown, and I ended up getting BLACK. Ugh….just in time for Halloween. Why does my hair color never turn out like the picture on the box? And the moral of the story is stop using boxed hair color.

Anyways, after getting stuffed at Deluca’s we explored the Strip District a bit because we’d never been there. They have all kinds of neat stores and restaurants, and on Saturdays a bunch of street vendors set up tables to sell their wares. And as always, there was Steeler’s stuff EVERYWHERE…we can’t escape it.

The place Justin declares we MUST return to so we can stock up on pasta–the Pennsylvania Macaroni Co.

Pennsylvania Macaroni Co.

Inside the Macaroni Co. checking out a shelf devoted entirely to different hot sauces

The Strip District

We spotted a random robot/alien walking the streets, handing out fliers for something!

I mentioned this once in an earlier post, but Pittsburgh has an old church that’s been converted into a bar, and we walked past it when we were exploring the Strip District.

We actually saw the giant tour bus parked outside, and once we read the sign, we put it together. Hang on….Jars of Clay is inside of that bus RIGHT NOW!

We wanted to see Jars of Clay, but we weren’t ready to shell out $50 on the spur of the moment. But I did take a picture of the inside of the Altar Bar. It’s a little dark, but this is what it looks like in there.

After exploring the Strip, we were ready to go back home. But on the way, something strange happened. I saw someone with a pale face walking along the sidewalk, kind of dragging his foot behind him. Wow! I thought. That guy almost looks like a zombie! But then, after turning a corner, we saw a woman in a white nightgown with blood all down the front who also closely resembled a zombie. And then a group of guys on the corner by the ATM decked out in full military gear, holding weapons. Justin exchanged glances with me. What on earth??….

Apparently, much to Justin’s excitement, we had just stumbled upon ZOMBIE-FEST!

Some zombies who are hungry for more than just brains

Uh oh! Don’t get eaten, Justin!

Zombies and zombie hunters come together for a rare joint-television interview

It was another great weekend (zombies included)! Every week we’re adding to the big list of places to take our friends and family who come visit us. So, we’re ready for you! Start scheduling your appointment to see us NOW! 😀

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4 thoughts on “Exploring Pittsburgh

  1. Can’t believe I missed the zombies!

  2. Oh my goodness, I love JOC! I wouldn’t have shelled out that much $$ either so I understand. But still, it looks like you guys are having a great time! Sorry about the hair dyes not working out well for you. Hopefully next time?

  3. Haha…I think next time I’ll let a professional handle it.

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