Snapshots of Halloween

Justin and I had a lot of fun celebrating Halloween this year, especially since we skipped it last year while we were in China. We didn’t invest in any new costumes this year (we only do that every couple of years, or when I think about Halloween far enough in advance to plan and create a really great costume). So Justin dressed in his old standby (Batman), and I used my costume from a couple of years ago (the Cheshire Cat from Alice and Wonderland). I know the Cheshire Cat is a little outdated at this point, but I really could have passed for any sort of (blue and purple?) cat, and cats are pretty timeless.

What’s Halloween without a little adult trick-or-treating? Since we’re too old to go door to door for candy, Justin and I hit up a few restaurants offering free food. Krispy Kreme was giving away free donuts to people dressed in costume, but we discovered that Dunkin’ Donuts has a monopoly on this town, so we had no luck there. So our first stop was Chipotle, where they were giving out $2 burrito bowls to anyone dressed in costume (a $4 discount).

We saw some lame costumes there–we actually passed by an Asian couple who had nothing more than little tin foil caps on their heads (what is that supposed to be?)–but we saw some good ones too (check out the guy in the giant banana suit!).

Batman is pleased with his “Boo”ritto Bowl

I ❤ My Striped Stockings!! 😀

After Chipotle, we stopped by Boston Market where they were giving out free dessert with a coupon I printed online. For the record, there were a bunch more free food offers for Halloween (including  Caribou Coffee and Carrabba’s), but we just didn’t have enough time to get to them all. We were on our way to the SCARE HOUSE!

I’m already scared, and I’m not even inside yet!

The Scare House seemed like a good deal because it’s three haunted attractions for the price of one–one of them was Christmas-themed (Creepo’s Christmas), one of them was zombie-themed (and it was specifically PITTSBURGH zombies, wearing Steelers outfits and eating brains at Primanti Brothers and everything!), and the last one was just everything creepy, like scary dolls that talk and evil babies and mad scientists wielding chainsaws.

Of course, I always get really jazzed to go to places like this, and once I arrive at the door and start waiting in line, I start to wonder, “Why did I want to do this again?” It’s not just the fear of walking through a maze of dark rooms, wondering what scary monsters will pop out at me. It’s getting startled by these creepers coming out of the shadows over and over again so many times that I actually have a scratchy throat today from screaming so much (and the two other guys in our group may have gotten a bellyache from laughing at me so much). I also woke up with a little bruise on my arm which I’m guessing was from me flailing my arms wildly inside of the haunted house at some point. No pictures were allowed inside of the Scare House, but you’ll just have to trust me when I say that the actors and the costumes and the props were all very realistic and VERY scary. I had a close encounter with this guy at one point:

Imagine hearing someone breathing in your ear, and then turning around to see THIS GUY.

When we got home, we played a trick on our cat, The Fonz (no treats for him–poor guy!) He is really scared of Batman for some reason (I think the little bat ears might make Batman look like a giant cat?). When we opened the door, Justin snuck inside of the apartment slowly, still dressed as Batman. Fonzie arched his back and hissed at him, and took off running for the bedroom. I tried to capture the moment here:

The Fonz is looking really tense!

Lucky for the Fonz, the Batman mask and all of the other Halloween decor is going back into the basement until next year!

We had a really “SUPER” Halloween, how about you? 😀


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2 thoughts on “Snapshots of Halloween

  1. Hahahaha! I love that he scared your cat with the batman suit! Hehe! Also, I wish I had known Chipolte was doing that discount! I so would’ve gone. Love their food!

  2. My poor cat….Batman and vacuum cleaners just put him over the edge. Chipotle had REALLY long lines, but it was definitely worth the wait!

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