Quick Random Update

Things have been really busy lately! This week I started my online community course classes, so now I officially have a full course-load (five classes) going on. I hope I can keep it all together!

But I still had time to discover my new favorite nail polish color:

This is not my hand. I hate taking pictures of my hands...is it weird that I am kinda jealous of the hand models on QVC? They have such gorgeous hands! Mine are all knuckly and tired looking.

This is not my hand. I hate taking pictures of my hands…is it weird that I am kinda jealous of the hand models on QVC? They have such gorgeous hands! Mine are all knuckly and tired looking.

I painted my toenails with it too! Even though I’m wearing winter boots every day, so no one can really see my toes. I know it’s there. πŸ™‚

And I got my hair cut!



I was getting really frustrated with my long hair. The ends were all split, and it just didn’t look good to me anymore. Plus, I kept getting it caught in my jacket zipper (and once even in the car door!). My haircut turned out a little shorter than I thought it would be, but I like it. I still keep trying to flip the ghost of my long hair over my shoulder, and then I reach up and feel nothing and remember, “Oh yeah…I cut my hair.” I’ll get used to it eventually. πŸ™‚

In other news, I was publicly shamed by the bus driver earlier this week. It was all because I tried to take a shortcut. I always see bus 28X driving all over town, and I wondered why my online trip planner allowed me to take bus 28X to school, but always suggested that I take a different bus home, and get off downtown, and then transfer to ANOTHER bus. I thought maybe if I took bus 28X on the way back from school, I could just stay on and ride the whole way. When it came time for my stop, I pulled the little yellow cord and the automatic recording said, “Stop requested.” The bus driver looked in his rear view mirror. “Is someone trying to get off?” he yelled. I told him I was. He slammed on his breaks and told me to come to the front of the bus. I made the walk of shame up through the crowded aisle, and when I reached the front, he reprimanded me in front of everyone. “This bus only picks up at this stop. It doesn’t do drop offs at this stop…it goes straight to Robinson. I’ll let you out this time, but you can’t do this again. You need to READ THE SIGN!” Embarrassed, I stepped off of the bus with all eyes on me.

It was kind of like this...

It was kind of like this…only he was meaner and scarier.

I think I’m finally pretty much finished with re-vamping my bedroom decor. All of my bedroom stuff was green, but this past summer my mom gave me a hand-me-down blue bedspread that looked way nicer than the one I had, so I’ve slowly been switching all of the green into blue. I completed the look with matching brown and blue lamps for each bedside table, brown and blue curtains, and brown and blue pillows for the bed. Everything was furnished by Walmart and/or K-Mart, because I’m on a budget here! I already had two chenille pillows on the bed that didn’t really match anything (one was dark purple and one was a sea foam color), and I found these very inexpensive Better Homes and Gardens slipcovers for them. All I had to do was unzip them, stuff the pillows inside, and zip them up again, and they were done! Not as permanent a change as sewing (unless you sew zippers onto your pillows), and so cheap that it was worth the effort it saved. How does it look?



And finally…I’m searching around for a second job. I know I said I was busy, and a second job will make me EVEN busier, but I really need a paycheck! Now that the holidays are finished, Victoria’s Secret has me down to five hours a week, and that won’t pay for college! I searched around for places hiring today, and I didn’t have much luck. But I did see a help wanted sign in Jo-Ann Fabrics front window! I might end up spending more than I make if I work there, though. We’ll see what happens…

To be or not to be?

To be or not to be?

I’m headed off to bed before a very busy day tomorrow! I hope you all have a great week!

So tired...

So tired…

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6 thoughts on “Quick Random Update

  1. Love the hair!

  2. I love that nail polish color. Mint anything is my fav.

    And I’m horrified by the lecture that the bus driver put you through. What a rude little man!

    • Thanks for being on my side, Amy! I actually got reprimanded by a bus driver again this morning! Apparently I was at the right stop, but I was standing in the wrong place. I had to wave him down to get him to stop for me! Between all of this and my high school bus-riding experience, I’m not getting a very favorable impression of public transportation. 😦

  3. Oh my goodness, I would’ve been so embarrassed too! That’s so rude of him to do that! I mean, sure it’s fine to inform you that the bus doesn’t stop on the way back, but not to say it like that. 😦 Sorry you had to deal with that!

    Also, I love the haircut on you! Super cute! I definitely know what you mean about phantom hair. Every time I cut my long hair, I go through that all over again. But I always love having it short ’cause it SO much easier to take care of!

    And that nail color is so pretty! I’ve been looking for a mint green that i really like!

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