Is It Summer Yet?

So…I’ve been MIA from my blog for awhile. Due to a number of reasons. Life has been a whirlwind lately! Here’s a quick review of what I’ve been up to:


My grad school classes have kind of kicked things up a notch during the last few weeks. I feel like I spent the first month  of school just taking everything in, but I had very few assignments/opportunities to show what I had learned. Now, all of the sudden, there are projects and papers and lesson plans and TONS of reading responses due for all of my classes. The coolest project I’ve had involves me going to a local elementary school and working with a third grade boy who has high-functioning autism. He’s reading behind grade level, so my task has been assessing his strengths and weaknesses and teaching him skills that will help him improve. I found out that he’s kind of obsessed with studying old and rare coins, so as a prize one day, I gave him a few coins from our trip to Hong Kong and mainland China. He completely freaked out! It was great. 😀

university of pittsburgh


I may have posted awhile back that I was searching for a second job because Victoria’s Secret wasn’t giving me enough hours. I ended up getting a job at the Gap (which is conveniently located right across the hall from VS in the mall). So far…I hate it. I’m trying to give it a fair shake since I’ve only just started, and nearly every job can seem like a drag when you first begin because you’re really asking for help more than you’re helping. Here’s what I don’t like: When I began working at VS, they had me work in all of the different “departments” of the store. I tried the beauty section (with all of the makeup and lotion and perfume), I tried PINK (with all of the sweatpants and hoodies), and I tried staying at the cash wrap. They didn’t make me try the bra room because I had no interest in measuring customers and giving customers my opinion on the bras they’re trying in the fitting room…the thought of it just makes me feel uncomfortable. I told them that I enjoyed working the cash register the most, so that’s what they have me do most of the time.

However, the Gap hasn’t let me choose. In fact, even though I went through a two hour computer program training me to work the cash register, they haven’t let me ring up even one customer (even though I keep asking them if I can). Instead, they always put me in the baby section of the store. It’s an entirely separate room (with no cash register…customers just walk through a hallway over to the adult Gap to have someone ring up their purchases). My job is to basically wander around the store and bother people with annoying, “probing” questions while they’re shopping, and point their attention to items that they probably aren’t interested in. This is what I’ve done for the last TWENTY hours that I’ve been on the clock. It’s a nightmare! I’m not a great sales person. I personally like to be left alone when I shop (who wants a sales associate following them around the store?!), so I tend to keep my distance from the customers unless they approach me with a question. And then the manager fusses at me and tells me to be more pushy.

gap kids

And can I just *RANT* for a minute? I feel like the manager hates me. She always finds something to fuss at me about. First, when I approached her with a scheduling question, she got really huffy and said, “You know, we had no idea that you really wanted to stay with Victoria’s Secret. We thought you were only going to work there like one day a week!” She sounded like she was tired of me splitting my availability between the two and really wanted me to quit my other job (no way!). The other day, she marched up to me with a grumpy-looking customer by her side and said, “RACHEL! Did you tell this man that he would receive a 50% discount if he used his Gap card?” I adamantly refused ever saying such a thing (I’d never even seen that man before), but she continued to yell at me in front of the customer until he seemed a little more satisfied that someone was being punished for providing him misleading information. After he left, she came over to yell at me some more. It was so repetitive, she just kept saying the same things over and over again. I asked, “Did he actually blame me? Because I’ve never even seen him before!” I kept repeating over and over that I would never tell someone that they could get a 50% discount (that’s the same as my employee discount!), but she didn’t seem to believe me. About fifteen minutes later, she came back over and told me that she found out who had given the man false information (the other new employee), and she apologized for accusing me. It made me feel a little better, but only marginally, as she found something else to falsely accuse me of only a couple of hours later. I don’t enjoy being the whipping boy, so if all of this continues, I’m definitely going to quit and just stay at VS. Sigh….*end rant*

New Roommate

One of my new-to-Pittsburgh friends (there is a whole gang of us who moved here last fall) has been having some serious drama ever since she arrived. The reason she first moved here is because she was a live-in nanny, and her “family” made the move from Washington state to Pittsburgh (for those of you who may not be familiar with the geography, that’s approximately 2500 miles or 4000 kilometers, and would be about 37 hours of driving) and they asked her to come along. She had been through thick and thin with this family and was very loyal to them, so she decided to leave her parents and sister behind and make the cross-country move. However, after about three months of living in Pittsburgh, the mother decided that they needed to cut the family budget quite a bit, and they simply couldn’t afford a nanny anymore. She was given two weeks to find a new place to live and a new place of employment. I wondered if she would move back home, but she stuck it out and found a desk job at a thriving manufacturing company, and a friendly co-worker at her new job offered to rent out the extra bedroom in her apartment to her. It all miraculously came together!

Until it all started falling apart. This co-worker/roommate has gone through some really tough life situations in the past month or so, and seems to be coping with her trauma by drinking often and excessively. When my friend started voicing her concern about her roommate’s alcoholic intake, she was told to pack up her stuff and leave during a very public dispute at a local restaurant bar. (And yes, even in the morning, once the roommate had sobered up, she stood by her decision to evict my friend.) That, along with a massive downsizing that is taking place at the company where she works, has contributed to her decision to move back home to Washington state. I can’t blame her, though I will really miss her. 😦 The only exciting part about all of this is that she is going to come and live in our spare bedroom during the month of April! It will be great to have a little extra girl time next month. 🙂

New Haircut!

I just can’t seem to stop cutting my hair! (I’m going to have to change my profile picture pretty soon.) Last time I went to the salon, they offered me $20 off my next cut if I pre-booked my appointment, and I couldn’t refuse! This time, after seeing the movie Safe Haven, I wanted to Julianne Hough’s cute summer style. I really like it! 😀

Love her hair!

Love her hair!


I don't know if you can tell from this picture, but the cut is angled down in the front. I've never had "uneven" hair before! I feel so edgy. ;-)

I don’t know if you can tell from this picture, but the cut is angled down in the front. I’ve never had “uneven” hair before! I feel so edgy. 😉

Now, since I got the summer haircut, hopefully summer weather will be just around the corner…


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2 thoughts on “Is It Summer Yet?

  1. Oh yikes, the situation at GAP sounds awful. I’m so sorry about that. 😦 I hope it gets better and that your manager chills out a bit. Or that you can find another place that fits you better!

    • Thanks, Rach! I’m trying to hang on a little longer to see if the situation improves. But if it doesn’t, I have no qualms about quitting. It’s not an important job that needs to go on my resume or anything! 😛

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