And……I’m back!

Hey blogging friends! I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve seen you!

School has kind of taken over my life during these past few weeks, but I’m in the final stretch now! I’ve actually already turned in my final projects for two of my courses, so I feel like I’m just about finished with everything. School hasn’t been super stressful during this first semester, but it’s still a great feeling to be almost free! I’ve been doing so much academic writing that it was hard to get myself to sit down and write something for fun. But I’ve missed it!

Guess what? I found a way to use WordPress for one of my school projects! Check it out:

I’ve applied for an internship in the fall, and there are pros and cons to it. One pro is that it would pay for all of my courses! And we can’t pretend that’s not a MAJOR pro. I’ve been paying for this past semester slowly but surely with my retail job (with a lot of help from my husband’s paycheck), but I feel like we’re just chipping away at a giant, mountainous tuition bill. It would be great to have it all paid for, free and clear, for an entire academic year. A con is that my internship would have me working full time, taking on all of the duties and responsibilities of a teacher, and then taking classes at night. I never wanted to try to teach AND do grad classes at the same time because I felt like I wouldn’t be able to do a good job at both of them. Teaching leaves me feeling exhausted at the end of the day, so I’m a little worried about how well I would balance that with also taking night classes and writing papers on top of grading homework and writing lesson plans for my teaching job. Another pro is that I am pretty much guaranteed a teaching position after this internship if I do a satisfactory job all year long. It’s kind of like having  a year-long job interview. Having the security that my grad degree wouldn’t immediately go to waste as I spend months and *gulp* possibly years filling out job applications online is another huge plus. And the con is…well…did I mention that I won’t have any more free time to spend with family or friends? None. I’ll be consumed with everything school and I feel like there won’t be time for anything else. So I’m still trying to decide if this internship would be the right move for me. I’ll let you know what happens…

Since I last spoke wrote to you, I also quit my job at the Gap. Yay! I was miserable there, and I wasn’t getting any more hours than I would have gotten with only one job, so there was no reason to keep hanging on to it. I gave them a fair shake. And in return, I got shoved into the baby clothes corner every single week even though I told them that I didn’t enjoy working there. I spent day after day trying to explain to customers the difference between a onesie sized 24 months and a onesie sized as 2T (and what is the difference, anyway?), cleaning baby puke from the fixtures (thanks, mom of the barfing toddler, for that little hit-and-run), and dressing and undressing mannequins (harder than it looks). I had one of the associate managers approach me one day and tell me that he was concerned that I wasn’t making any friends at the Gap (and by the way, I did make friends with a six-year old boy named Chandler who was shopping with his family one night. He took his Build-a-Bear out of the box to show me and everything. Thanks for noticing). He’s probably right in saying that I haven’t made friends the other employees at the Gap, but it’s hard to make friends when they keep putting me in the (baby) corner by myself with no one to talk to but customers. And I didn’t like his insinuation that he was concerned about my social health or something, because I do have many friends outside of work. I felt like he was crossing the line a little…but whatever. I’m glad to be done with Gap now.

Grumpy Cat says....

Grumpy Cat says….

My friend Chelsea has been staying with us for a couple of weeks now, which has been fun. And we’ve all been trying to convince her to stay in Pittsburgh and not move back home…and she’s thinking about it! 🙂 I will be so happy if she ends up staying (staying in Pittsburgh, but not necessarily our tiny apartment, haha! That living arrangement is just temporary). We’ve been watching movies and playing Mario on the Wii and all sorts of fun things. And guess what I found out? When there are two girls in the living room who want to watch The Voice and one boy who wants to watch sports or zombies or something boring…..the girls win! I haven’t had an argument over the TV remote with Justin in quite awhile…. 😉

And finally, I’ve been making many summer plans. Justin and I have our ten year high school reunions coming up. Can you believe we’re THAT old? We’re definitely going to Justin’s but I’m still not sure about mine. High school was a bittersweet time for me, and I’m not sure that I want to re-connect with all of the people in my senior class. We’ll see. I am helping to plan a tentative college girls reunion this summer, though, and I am super excited about that! A bunch of us want to get together and rent a place on the beach for a week or so and just hang out. It would be so nice and relaxing, and it would be so great to see all of those girls and get up to all sorts of shenanigans! 😉

I’m also making plans to do a lot of writing this summer. I’ve mentioned before (but not in quite awhile) that I want to write a book about the experiences we had while living in China for a year. However, every time I went to write it out, it just didn’t seem right. I felt like I had to create details in certain places to make it seem more narrative, and there were some parts of the year that were genuinely boring. How do I write about that? I slowly started feeling like the best way to write about our trip would be to fictionalize it. If I could have full permission to make up whatever I want and write the story through a characters eyes, it would be so much more exciting than only writing about what actually happened. As soon as I realized that, it was like a story started unraveling in my head. I keep catching myself daydreaming about two major characters–an American boy, about high school age, and a Chinese girl who he meets while he’s living there. I haven’t even written anything down about it yet, but I already feel like I know a lot about these characters and what they’re going to do in my story. I can’t wait to get started!

What about you? Are you getting excited for summer?

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5 thoughts on “And……I’m back!

  1. The internship sounds like a great opportunity! Having tuition paid AND a job lined up… wonderful! But I can also see how that would be stressful and overwhelming. Definitely keep us updated!

    I’m glad you quit at the GAP. It really sounded like you weren’t happy there and that’s no fun at all!

    It’s hard to believe that 10 year reunions are coming up! Christopher graduated 10 years ago next month and I graduated 10 years ago next year. Cah-razy! I think getting together with college friends is a great idea! We try to do it at least once a year and it’s been great every time! 🙂

    And finally, I think your idea of fictionalizing your time in China sounds fun! I will be excited to read your book when it’s finished! 🙂

  2. I think your writing plan is a great, good luck with it!

  3. Thanks, ladies! I’m a little scared that I even broadcasted my plan to start writing this summer, but at least now it will keep me accountable to follow through. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

  4. I love the idea of fictionalizing your time in China. Very creative. And I love that it was a lightbulb moment and things started to really fall into place in your mind after you thought of it.

    Good luck with the potential internship! It will all play out the way it is supposed to – sounds like a great opportunity.

    And the Gap sounds terrible. Glad you don’t have to deal with that any longer!

  5. Haha, thanks Amy! I’m SO glad to be done with the Gap. Just because it’s a place that’s fun to shop doesn’t necessarily make it a place that’s fun to work…

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