There’s Some Good News, and There’s Some Bad News

Good news: It’s Saturday!! (Well, I’ve stayed up so late that it’s technically Sunday now.) And it’s a much anticipated, lazy, rainy, relaxing weekend.

Bad news: Justin took a hard pitch to the shin during his latest softball game, and his leg is all swollen. It hurts him so much he’s having a hard time putting his full weight on it. There’s been a lot of him lying on the couch with a bag of frozen peas to ice his wound, and me running and bringing him things that he requests. At least he hasn’t started using a little bell to summon me or anything…yet. 😛

Good news: Justin’s softball team has been winning a lot of their games, at least! So he didn’t take a hit for nothing. He plays in our church’s league, and the team may even have the chance to play in the tournament-thing at the end of the season! (You can tell I’m an avid sports fan. What is the tournament-thing called? Playoffs? Finals? Something…)

Bad news: I’m been eagerly awaiting this weekend because it’s been a VERY long week. The Victoria’s Secret where I work is remodeling their store, so they’ve been giving everyone extra hours lately. I worked about thirty-five hours this week! And I had a couple of early mornings…those 6 AM to 2 PM shifts are killer. And now I’m exhausted.

Good news: I will only work at Victoria’s Secret for two more weeks! I have officially been offered an internship at a local school where I will shadow a reading specialist and eventually take over her duties–generally, working with children one-on-one and in small groups and teaching them skills to help them become better readers.

Bad news: The school where I will intern is pretty far away from where we live. It will be about an hour commute each way. :-/

Good news: This internship involves a stipend that will cover the cost of my grad classes, which I will be taking online and on campus at night! 😀

Bad news: Apparently, for this internship, I’ll be spending a lot of time in kindergarten. For someone who is more accustomed to teaching fourteen and fifteen-year-olds, this is bad news indeed. During the initial interview with the elementary school principal, I asked him what grade I would primarily be working with, and all the while I was whispering under my breath, “Not kindergarten! Not kindergarten!” the same way that Harry Potter sat under the sorting hat and whispered, “Not Slytherin! Anything but Slytherin!” And of course, I ended up getting sorted into kindergarten. But they’re not really the evil minions that they may seem to be at first, right? ….right?

Good news: We will be staying in exactly the same apartment for the next year, so no moving boxes to deal with this summer!

Bad news: We will be staying in exactly the same apartment for the next year.

-_-   <—- The look of resignation and defeat.

It’s not exactly my favorite place. But I’ve been trying to look on the bright side as much as possible. For example, our place is so small that I can vacuum the entire apartment without having to unplug and switch to a different electrical outlet–that’s convenient, right? And though I don’t enjoy carrying our laundry basket up and down two flights of stairs, I’m sure it’s giving me some much-needed exercise–a more fiscally responsible alternative to those fancy apartments with their own gyms and swipe cards.

(By the way, have you seen the hilarious commercials that K-Mart keeps putting out lately? The little girl on the playground that says, “Your mama’s so fiscally responsible, she got ALL THAT on free layaway!” OH snap! For a place that’s constantly going out of business, they sure do have funny advertisements!)

Sorry…just a little tangent…

Good news: By this time next year, I will be a fully licensed reading specialist with an MEd in Education! And we will be free to move out of our tiny apartment to wherever we choose.

Bad news: I have officially not completed the deadline that I set for myself for writing my novel. You know, the fictionalized story of a kid and his family moving to China for a year? I’m not even close to finished with it. It’s one thing to have a good idea for a story, and another thing to turn that idea into words and pages. It’s a mental challenge; sometimes writing comes easily and sounds great, and sometimes I struggle to turn out just one page, and I read over it and feel like a horrible writer. I’m a little disappointed that I’ll have to put the dream of writing/hopefully publishing a book on the back shelf for awhile while I pursue my reading specialist dream. I was really hoping that I could have a rough draft finished by now.

Good news: Just because I didn’t finish my book now doesn’t mean I’ll NEVER finish it. Because I’m a teacher, I will always have summer break. And every summer will give me the chance to take a breather from school and work on my writing. So I didn’t finish it this summer…maybe next summer, then!

My work here is done. It’s always good to end with a bit of good news, don’t you think? 🙂

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4 thoughts on “There’s Some Good News, and There’s Some Bad News

  1. Congratulations on the internship, girl! An hour commute isn’t ideal, but at least you will be doing something cool! And I bet you will end up loving the kindergarten kiddos! At least I hope so for your sake, haha!

  2. Well, it sounds like there is more good news than bad news, which is a plus. 🙂 I hope you learn to love kindergarten.

    I love those KMart commercials.

    • Me too, Amy! The movie Kindergarten Cop has scared me a bit. But I think Arnold Schwartzenegger ended up figuring out how to be a kindergarten teacher by the end of the movie, right? Hopefully it won’t take me until the end of the year…

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