A Move to End All Moves

It seems like for the longest time we were telling everyone, “We’re moving at the end of the summer,” or “We’re moving at the end of July,” and it always seemed so far away. And then suddenly, it arrived out of nowhere! It’s August already and I feel like the summer just started! (And if you’re a southern girl like me, “August” is synonymous with “fall” and “back to school”…not like those northerners who start back to school in September.)

For many of you who have been asking, our offer on the house was accepted! We have been muddling through the first time home-buyer experience–signing a million documents, getting our home inspected, appraised, repaired, etc. We won’t close on it and move in until late August, so we are staying with my parents in the meantime.

That means that when we left our apartment on July 31st, we ended up using a POD (rather than a traditional moving truck), so that we could store our belongings for nearly a month before having them delivered to Knoxville. The downside is that PODs are much more expensive than your average moving trucks, and apparently they aren’t quite as large. I know that I have a lot of stuff…mostly, it’s furniture and items that family has handed down to us (especially since Baby Jake was born). We lived in a very small apartment in Pittsburgh; I never had it measured, but I would wager that it was less than 1,000 square feet. However, we also had a large “storage locker” in the basement filled with boxes of items that just wouldn’t fit in our tiny apartment. (It was by far the smallest place we’ve ever lived in since we’ve been married.) The POD guy assured us that if we rented the largest sized POD available, it would fit the equivalent of a three bedroom, 1400 square-foot home. However, on the evening before moving day, when we had the POD about 80% packed (since the POD guy was coming first thing in the morning to haul it to a storage facility), it became apparent that we still had quite a few things that wouldn’t fit. We were in a jam–no time to list things on Craigslist to sell them, and we had quite a few large items that wouldn’t fit in our tiny car to take to the Goodwill. What we ended up doing was leaving a lot of our belongings next to and inside the dumpster–I would guess that about 25% of our belongings didn’t end up fitting inside the POD.

It was a heartbreaking experience. I’m sure there’s a lesson in there about not being so attached to material items, but it just felt sad and really wasteful to discard items that we still wanted and still used on a regular basis–things that will need to be replaced when we move into our new home. I packed the most sentimental items of course–the things that cannot simply be bought new at a local Walmart–like photo albums, childhood trinkets, and this sweet little cradle that my parents handed down to me. (It used to be the cradle that I was rocked in as a baby, and now Baby Jake uses it. It had to be COMPLETELY disassembled to fit into the POD, but we made it work.) I hope that someone saw those items by the curb and saved them before trash day–it would make me feel better to know that someone is getting some use out of them. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Camp-out in the living room before moving day

Camp-out in the living room before moving day

But anyways…onward and upward. Trying to move (and not just move, but decide what to keep and what to throw away) with a crying baby who constantly wants to be held was not a fun experience–not one that I would recommend to my worst enemy. We are so grateful to our friends who helped us load up the POD! It wasn’t something that I could have (physically) helped Justin with, since lots of our furniture (washer, dryer, armoire, etc.) is super heavy, and we had crazy steep/narrow stairs in our apartment. I don’t know what we would have done without their help! And I am so glad that this move will be the last move for awhile, now that we’re settling into someplace more permanent!

Staying with my parents after that physically and emotionally draining move has been wonderful. In fact, my mom already ran to the store and bought us replacements for some of the things that we had to throw away! There has been a lot of grandma-love going on between my mom and Baby Jake (she can get him laughing so hard, like nothing I’ve ever seen!). There’s also been a lot of this going on:

Yes, I am an open-mouth sleeper! Don't judge! :-P

Yes, I am an open-mouth sleeper! Don’t judge! ๐Ÿ˜›

Shortly after we arrived, Jakey turned three months old!

It was hard to get him to sit still for this shot--he is such a wiggle worm these days! Bottom left: He still slumps over...he's not sitting up on his own quite yet. Bottom middle: He has recently developed a fascination with his toes--he's always grabbing them now! And as you can see, he's drooling more than a basset hound. Bottom right: "Cheesing" at Daddy (who is standing off to the side, off camera)

It was hard to get him to sit still for this shot–he is such a wiggle worm these days! Bottom left: He still slumps over…he’s not sitting up on his own quite yet. Bottom middle: He has recently developed a fascination with his toes–he’s always grabbing them now! And as you can see, he’s drooling more than a basset hound. Bottom right: “Cheesing” at Daddy (who is standing off to the side, off camera)

It’s unbelievable how big and chunky he’s getting. I know everyone who sees him still describes him as a “little peanut,” but that will be changing over these next few months, I’m sure! He’s more alert, he’s batting and grabbing at things now, and he’s very observant. When I hold him and rock him now, I see him looking intently at me, like he’s trying to memorize the features of my face. And then he smiles his little smile that’s all gums, which just melts my heart. When Justin and I were in the midst of our most stressful move, Jakey randomly just burst into a fit of giggles. And we both had to pause for a moment and watch him, and we couldn’t help but laugh right along with him. It’s amazing how we were anxious and upset and getting snippy with each other, and he just diffused the entire situation and made us both laugh. What a great kid! ๐Ÿ˜€ It reminded us both that one of the biggest reasons we’re doing this move is for him, so that he can grow up surrounded by family. And even though it’s been difficult, in the end it will be totally worth it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Aaaand….just in case you want to get in on the giggles, too:


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4 thoughts on “A Move to End All Moves

  1. Ahhh, he’s so precious. Those giggles melt my heart.
    I’m sorry that you had to leave behind belongings – that’s especially tough because you didn’t have time to prepare for it. Lots of emotions, I’m certain. I’m glad that you have been having a nice time with your parents. And congrats on getting the house!!

    • Those giggle are the best, aren’t they? The first time I heard him do that, I almost fell over! We’re so excited about moving into our new house…I’ll try to keep everyone updated!

  2. I’m sure someone came by and took a lot of that furniture you guys had to leave! People are always driving by our neighborhood on trash day and taking things that our neighbors throw out (especially furniture that just needs a little TLC). So I’m sure someone is making great use of it! I know it had to be difficult to leave it behind though. I’m sorry for that!

    Aww, sweet chunky baby Jake! He is so cute! That red hair and those giggles! Just love it!

    • I sure hope so, Rach! I’m trying to just let bygones be bygones and forget about it. I’m glad that we’re finally here, and that packing up is all over (unpacking is always so much more fun)!

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