Friday Mornings.

My Friday morning didn’t go exactly according to plan…but it was still lovely. Lovely enough to inspire this busy momma to sit down and write a blog post! That’s the beauty of Friday, I guess.

Since we’ve moved to Knoxville, I’ve joined a mom’s group. It is actually pretty exclusive…at first I wasn’t even sure if the mom’s would accept me. I had to fill out a long application and answer a few essay questions, and they warned me that spots were limited! And when it took awhile for me to hear back from the moms…I got worried that I had been rejected. There is nothing sadder than being rejected from a mom’s group! But they invited me to go to an “initiation” meet-up in September, and after our play date, the leader of the moms officially welcomed me to the group as a member. But so far, I’ve only met the moms at that initial outing. On Friday morning, the moms had scheduled a field trip to the farm, complete with a hay ride and a visit to the pumpkin patch. Jakey and I were so excited!

But I wasn’t terribly excited at 6:30 AM, when my alarm went off. The joys of sharing a car with my husband…The moms are in Maryville (which is near where my husband works), and we only have one car. So in order to hang out with the moms, I need to go to work with my husband (who leaves at 7:15ish to make it to Maryville by 8 AM) and hang around town until their event starts (which is usually around 10 or 10:30). At 6:30 AM, I almost couldn’t remember why I wanted to go on a hay ride (it’s not like Jake will remember it!), but I dragged myself out of bed to get ready.

After dropping off Justin at work, Jakey and I (well, just me, actually) enjoyed a McDonald’s breakfast sandwich (by the way, I was super excited about my Monopoly game pieces, but I didn’t end up with any matches–does anyone?!). I sat in a table near the window, watching truck drivers and construction workers rushing in, ordering for entire crews, or chugging down their coffee before heading off to work–all while knowing that I did not have to head off to work, which (not to brag, or anything) is such a lovely feeling. I also took pride in just how many McDonald’s patrons stopped to coo over Baby Jake as he sat there looking adorable in his teddy bear beanie, swinging his little feet as he lounged in his stroller. He is a looker…there’s no denying that. 😉

After breakfast, Jake and I headed over to the mall. The mall wasn’t open yet, but that was okay. It was just Jakey-Bear and me, enjoying a few stroller-laps around the mall with the other mall walkers (many of whom were literally using walkers–and wearing cute little orthopedic shoes). There is something so peaceful about the mall in the morning before the crowds start to gather and the hustle and bustle takes over. Just strollin’ with Jake, listening to 80’s and 90’s greatest hits echo through the loudspeakers as sleepy employees creep underneath their storefront gates to get ready for the day. We saw a group of older gentlemen–a “breakfast club,” if you will–gathered at a table outside the Great American Cookie Company, sharing a laugh (or two). I tried to pin down the reason that I felt so content. Perhaps because I had finished all of my homework (for the day, at least), so I didn’t have any school deadlines looming over my head. Or perhaps I just love the smell of retail in the morning. 🙂

I did pick up some unnecessary (but inexpensive) purchases.

A pink leather journal that I will probably never find time to write in...but it will look beautiful sitting on my nightstand!

A pink leather journal that I will probably never find time to use…but it will look beautiful sitting on my nightstand!

Along with a fragrance bulb from Bath and Body (Pumpkin Cupcake) to make my house smell delicious and autumnal.

I’m also (slightly) ashamed to admit that I picked up this pamphlet in the center mall court:

beauty pageant

I know I know…it’s not that I would want to turn Jakey into some sort of over-exposed, ridiculous, Honey Boo Boo sort of character. It’s just that I think know he could win. People are constantly stopping me to tell me how cute he is. Even children have complimented him–and children generally say whatever they’re really thinking (whether we want them to or not).

But I don’t need to exploit my child for crowns and prize money…and the glory of validating his adorableness to the world (it would be his first trophy/award, ever!). Plus, it costs money to enter. (Okay, maybe the steep entry fee was the only reason that I threw the pamphlet in the trash…I know I know! Shameful.)

By the time I met up with the moms, we’d had quite a morning already! So I wasn’t terribly disappointed when I found out that the hayride was cancelled due to muddy terrain from our recent rains. Some of the other moms were pretty miffed (of course, some of the other moms had tantruming toddlers), but Jake was none the wiser. They did have a miniature carnival set up at the farm, and some of the children rode on the little speedboats and carousel. Jake was content to watch. One of the carnie guys (I know…that’s a rude term…carnival workers) came over and started talking to me about Jake. I usually try to avoid carnival folk, but this guy was kind of unavoidable. And as he sat across the table from me and started talking to me, Baby Jake kept craning his neck around to get a look at him and listen to him as he talked, so it was tough for me to act distant and disinterested when Jake was so clearly interested. So I spent 10-15 minutes hanging out with the carnival man. You know, he actually shared a pretty interesting life story with me, about how his children grew up traveling with him all over the country (and sometimes to foreign countries) with the carnival company. Can you imagine growing up living amongst state fairs…always with tents full of delicious carnival food, and the bright lights of the Ferris wheel, and the squeal of passengers on the thrill rides? What a life!

When I left the farm a short time later with the other moms, I realized (to my chagrin) that I’d spent more time getting to know the carnival man than the Moms of Maryville. Which is a little bit ridiculous, considering all of the hoops that I’d jumped through to be accepted into their group in the first place. Maybe the Maryville Moms are just too exclusive…none of them approached me or introduced themselves to me at all, and the carnival man did. Oh well…I’m going to keep trying. I’ve been invited to their (daytime) Halloween party, so that will be my next chance to make some friends there.

And it was a lovely morning anyways, despite going off-plan.

What do you love most about Fridays?

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6 thoughts on “Friday Mornings.

  1. Erica

    How the heck does Jake get up so early and be out all morning, then be so happy? Mari starts melting down!

    • Haha…I might be messing him up by doing that, Erica. He did take a long lunchtime nap and a long afternoon nap. With all of the moving and changes we’ve been through these last few months, I haven’t done a great job of establishing a schedule. But generally, Jake is happy as a clam every morning, and then he has a few grumpy hours every late afternoon/evening before bed.

  2. Wow – an application necessary to join a playdate group?? That’s intense. I hope you find some great friends – whether with the group or elsewhere – who don’t travel around with a carnival (hard to keep that kind of friendship alive 🙂 ). It sounds like you had an eventful morning! And Jake sounds like quite the charmer!

    • It is intense–it’s kind of like a mom-sorority or something! (I even owe them annual dues!) I’m a little skeptical about the Maryville Moms, but I don’t want to snub the opportunity to make friends. I want to put myself out there, like the author of MWF Seeking BFF would do! 😉

  3. Oh my gracious, that mom group sounds intense! I can’t believe there was an application with essay questions! Yikes! I’m glad you got in, though! Even if you don’t end up sticking around, at least it’s good to know you were chosen. 🙂 But hopefully the other moms will be more inclusive and get to know you at the Halloween party!

    • I’ve got high hopes for the Halloween party! There is also supposed to be a Mom’s Night Out event coming up soon, too, which should be a good way to meet the other moms. Sometimes it’s hard to carry on a conversation when someone has a screaming toddler tugging their pant leg!

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