Jake’s First Trip to the Beach

Jake checking out the waves

Jake checking out the waves at Cocoa Beach

When we took Jake to the beach for the first time, we weren’t sure how he was going to react. Would he be scared of the crashing waves? Would he be ready to go home at the first drop of stinging salt water in his eyes? I remember going to the beach with my nephew Zach for the first time when he was around Jake’s age or a little older. He was terrified of the ocean! My dad tried to wade out into the water to show him that it was safe, but instead it sent little Baby Zach into a panic. I remember him crying, “Papa! Papa!” certain that my dad was walking straight into imminent doom. (Zach is nine years old now, and he is no longer afraid of the water, thankyouverymuch). 🙂

But true to form, Jake was fearless when we took him to the edge of the shoreline, and we had to just about hold him back from jumping face first into the water. Here’s a video of his first time getting his feet in the water:

Before long, we were waist-deep in the water (despite everyone’s warnings of recent shark attacks….What can I do? Go to the beach and NOT SWIM?) splashing in the waves. Jake LOVED it! The skies were a little cloudy and the waves were pretty rough (I may just be too accustomed to Florida’s gulf coast). A couple of times, I jumped to avoid an oncoming wave and held Jake high in the air, but he still got a splash of salt water in his face. Justin and I looked at Jake nervously when that happened, but he just coughed and sputtered and then looked at us with a big grin! He was a trooper, and I was so proud of him!

The ONLY swimsuit picture that I will include in this post. Justin and I have both decided that we need to go on a diet!

The ONLY swimsuit picture that I will include in this post. Justin and I have both decided that we need to go on diets!

Splashing in the waves

Splashing in the waves

You know, it’s a much different experience going to the beach with a baby/toddler. I used to relax…lay out on my towel, maybe read a book or a magazine or take a nap while I listened to the waves lap up on the shore. But this beach trip wasn’t quite as relaxing! Jake was ready to go, GO, GO! We swam in the surf, dug holes in the sand, played with the shovel and pail, and TRIED to eat a picnic lunch without swallowing too much sand. Jake was completely COVERED in sand the entire time we were there. I kept wondering how he got sand in so many places? In his nose and in his ears? I was washing it out of his hair for days afterward, it seemed like! But he had a great time, and that’s all that matters! I can’t wait until we can go again!

Sandy baby!

Sandy baby!

Me and my sweet little man!

Me and my sweet little man!

Family photo

Family photo (please disregard my nerdy northern husband who wears shoes and SOCKS at the beach–who does that?!) 😀

Three generations of DeAngelis men :-)

Three generations of DeAngelis men 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Jake’s First Trip to the Beach

  1. I love the last photo! Jake is a total beach boy!

  2. I noticed his shoes and socks in that video you shared because I kept thinking “he’s going to get his socks wet… he’s going to get his socks wet… OH MY GOODNESS his socks just got wet!” Yes, these are the things I think of, haha! I just hate the feeling of wet socks so I guess that’s where my mind went, haha! But other than that, this post is awesome! I love that Jake is so fearless! He’s such a cutie on all that water!

    • Yeah….my husband is strange. Haha! But I think it’s just one of those northern things. If you see the other picture with his dad, his dad is also wearing shoes and socks on the beach. I don’t think I’ve EVER seen his dad wear flip flops (and he has really noticeable sock tan, lol). That’s just something this Florida girl will never understand.

      On Tue, Jun 30, 2015 at 3:25 PM, the new normal. wrote:


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