I don’t even remember what we did all September…

I blinked and I missed it. This past September was one of those months that felt more like a week or two. Unbelievably, we are nearly halfway through October and I think the last time I posted was August. What happened? Was there a rip in the space/time continuum? Why do January/February/March always CRAWL by, and these fall months seem to dash right past? In order to update myself you on where the month went, I’ve put together a scrapbooks of sorts. (Originally, each of these was meant to be an independent post…but that’s how it goes.)


The month started off with a beautiful bouquet of flowers that Justin had delivered to my school on my birthday. It’s something that he has never done before, so I really had to pick my jaw up off of the floor when the school secretary called me up to say that I had a “special delivery.” FYI–It was my big 3-0 birthday. And FYI–we didn’t do a whole lot to celebrate it. Justin’s birthday is only a couple of weeks after mine, and he was experiencing some PTSD from turning 30 (I actually think I handled it pretty well, though I’m still getting used to the idea that I am in my THIRTIES now, and not in my twenties)…so we just let the occasion slip by without too much ado. We did intend to have a real party at some point, but like I said, September just flew by…

Asheville collage

Exhibit B: Our trip to Asheville. This trip took place just a few days after my birthday, so it felt kind of like a birthday celebration. Asheville, NC is only a couple of hours away from where we live, and my former college roommate Beth lives there with her husband! We got to catch up with her a little bit, as well as some of our dear Florida friends who were in town. We also took in the LAAFF (Lexington Avenue Arts and Fun Festival), and the main event was seeing the Ashevillians on display in all of their…Ashvilleness. If you’ve never been to Asheville, walking through the streets (especially during a festival such as this one), can definitely put you on hippie overload. It was SO HARD for me to squash the impulse to take pictures of weird and freaky people who I saw walking around (and I would never be brave enough to ask to take my picture WITH a crazy hippie)…so here you see other things pictured. Such as weird art–like the guy selling horrible 3rd-grade-quality paintings of chickens out of his truck (a truck that was completely covered in bottle caps, of course). And hula hooping in the street (which sent Jake into a fit of giggles watching me attempt to swivel my hips). Asheville is an interesting place…

Grace spirit week

And….school. Of course. What else would prompt me to dress in such an outfit? Spirit Week before the Homecoming game. I donned this little number as I dropped off Jake at daycare before school AND into the CVS on the way back home. The best part? I wore this for Tacky Tourist Day on Monday, only to arrive to school and find out that Tacky Tourist Day was on TUESDAY. WOMP Womp womp. OH well. Monday was Decade Day, so with a few minor adjustments, I seemed to pass for someone dressed in the style of the 80’s.

Jakey at the Homecoming game--his very first football game. He was having a good time, can you tell?

Jakey at the Homecoming game–his very first football game. He was having a good time, can you tell?

App Mountains Collage

Exhibit D: We went in search of Rainbow Falls. Sadly, we did not find it, as my map-reading skills are really sub-par. (Who can really tell the difference between hiking trails and paved roads on a map, though…am I right?) It all worked out because in the end, we found the Appalachian Trail and we got to let Jake try out his new backpack-leash. A Note to the Readers: In case you were wondering, it is extremely difficult to walk a toddler on a leash. For any of you naysayers who worry that toddler-cruelty was involved, I can assure you that Jake walked us more than we walked him. And I felt better knowing that if Jake ran and jumped off of a cliff or something, I would be able to pull him back to safety, haha. (Notice the bottom-right photo–Jake is not quite as thrilled about documenting a photo at the state line as I am. Toddler Jake is so much more uncooperative than Baby Jake was!)

Ripleys Aquarium Collage

Being a teacher means grading lots and LOTS of papers during unpaid overtime….and it also occasionally means getting perks like free tickets to the aquarium! We visited Ripley’s Aquarium in Gatlinburg during Teacher Appreciation Weekend and had a lovely time. Jake is old enough that he got excited about seeing the different fish and would point them out to us and even say, ” -ish!” One of our favorite exhibits was the moving-sidewalk glass tunnel in which we were immersed into the tank and had fish (and sharks!) swimming close overhead. It’s (hopefully) the closest I’ll ever see a shark–and those rows and rows of sharp teeth!

"Where's Jake? I can't find him." Oh right--he's the one on the far right of the photo, mushing his face up against the glass to get a closer look at the penguin feeding.

“Where’s Jake? I can’t find him.” Oh right–he’s the one on the far right of the photo, mushing his face up against the glass to get a closer look at the penguin feeding.

Jake and Madeline collage

And finally, our final exhibit…Jake and his little “girlfriend” Madeline. We’ve re-launched our small group Bible study for the fall, and while it’s a little smaller than we were hoping it would be (we’re still working on recruiting on Sunday mornings!), it has given us the opportunity to spend some quality time with our two favorite couples at church and their sweet babies. This was our feeble attempt to get a picture of Jake and Madeline hugging (or at least holding hands). You may not realize this, but taking posed pictures of toddlers is only a little more difficult than trying to wrangle a cat into a Christmas sweater. I’m not sure how the photographers do it. Madeline is having her first birthday party tomorrow, so maybe we’ll have another (more successful) try at a photo. πŸ˜‰

And that was our September! I guess I’ll see you all again at Thanksgiving. πŸ˜‰ (Just kidding…maybe.)

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4 thoughts on “I don’t even remember what we did all September…

  1. No wonder September flew by for you guys!!! You were so busy. That’s really sweet that Justin surprised you with flowers for your birthday (happy way belated, btw!!). Your tacky tourist costume is awesome! And I’m glad that it worked for decade day too with a few minor adjustments!

    • Thanks, Amy! It took me awhile, but I feel like I finally caught up in what’s been going on with my blogging friends. I didn’t even realize I’d been gone so long!

  2. Busy busy busy! But a fun busy so that’s good! πŸ™‚ Your trips looked awesome and I am all about the backpack leashes. They just make sense! And your outfit for homecoming week – awesome! Totally works for decades day! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Rach! I’m never sure what people are thinking when they see me walking Jake on a leash, but it keeps him from getting into trouble!

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