Happy Easter!

You’re probably thinking, “Wait…what’s this? A post from that girl who used to blog?”

I know! I know! It’s been a long hiatus. And I don’t really have a great excuse other than it’s been a long, dull winter with a lot of sickness (especially for poor Jake!). But right now I just want to blog about Easter.

First things first…don’t look for any Easter Bunny pictures here. We took Jake to visit him last weekend, we got him all dressed up in the cutest outfit you’ve ever seen…and he refused to sit with him. Refused to even go NEAR him, really. All we could get were those terrified, screaming/crying photos, and Justin was not about to pay $40 for a picture of Jake looking traumatized by the Easter Bunny. We’ll try again next year.

Phase two was taking Jake on an Easter egg hunt, which we did yesterday. We found that most of the egg hunts were done last weekend, for some reason, but we found one being hosted by the Big Ridge State Park about 25 minutes away from where we live. It was a little chilly out for an egg hunt, but we took Jake (after conducting a not-so-successful practice session in our front yard the evening before). There was a very large crowd gathered for the 0-2 egg hunt first thing in the morning, and when the foghorn went off, Jake seemed a little rattled by all of the noise and commotion. I tried to se him down on the ground so that he could pick up eggs, but he didn’t want me to put him down amongst all of the children and adults scurrying and yelling. All told, after he gathered up some courage, he collected about 5 eggs in his basket.

egg hunt 2

Jake with not-so-many eggs

We let him hang around for the next hunt (which was supposed to be ages 3-5) and try it again. He seemed to get the hang of what was going on for this one, and he was ready to gather his eggs! He collected 17 the second time, including an egg with a special ticket inside which he could redeem at the park office for a prize! I was more excited than Jake was about that (probably because Jake didn’t know what was going on). We won a giant platter of beautifully decorated Easter sugar cookies, which we took to church the next day to share with all of the children in Jake’s nursery.

egg hunt

Jake hunting like a champ the second time around

This morning, Jake opened his Easter basket as soon as he woke up. He’s been talking about Cookie Monster non-stop for the past few weeks–he is *almost* surpassing Elmo as a favorite, so he got a Cookie-Monster-themed Easter basket. I haven’t allowed him to have much candy as of yet, and Jake really isn’t big on stuffed animals, so it was hard to figure out his basket! He got a book, some bubbles, and a jar of “cookies” to feed Cookie Monster and practice his counting, along with a Cookie Monster plush. I’ll let you watch the video, here:


Jake’s basket


Easter morning

easter bunny

We got a visit this morning from the REAL Easter Bunny…can you see him in the center of the photo? He was out in our yard from the moment we woke up for about an hour, just to make sure that Jake enjoyed his Easter basket.

We had a lovely service at church, and we had the chance to snap a few family photos afterwards. It was a really nice weekend!

family photo

Justin, me, and Mr. Grump

And it’s nice to be back “on the grid.” I promise I’ll write again soon and update you on our recent trip to Florida over spring break!


Our little Easter Bunny 🙂






































































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4 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. I’m glad Jake had fun with the second egg hunt! It sounds like he made out like a bandit (17 eggs!) once he got the hang of it! 🙂 I love your non-candy themed Easter basket. Great idea!

    And welcome back to blogging! 🙂

    • Thanks, Rach! I need to get back into blogging–I shouldn’t have let so much time go by!

      On Mon, Mar 28, 2016 at 1:35 PM, the new normal. wrote:


  2. What an awesome Easter!! I’m with Jake – the Easter bunny is scary and I don’t want my picture taken with him either!

    Love the idea of a non-candy themed Easter basket.

    • Thanks for the perspective, Amy! I had to remind myself that it’s not a BIG deal if Jake doesn’t want to sit with the Easter Bunny. At first I was really disappointed that we had him dressed so cute and couldn’t get a picture. But I have to choose my battles, and that shouldn’t be one of them!

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