Three Reasons Why We Love to Visit Florida

This post is a little late, but a couple of weeks ago we had the chance to make a trip to Florida. The excuse was that my cousin was having her wedding shower–and I honestly don’t think she REALLY thought we would travel all the way to Florida for her shower–but any excuse to visit my home state is a good excuse! 😉 This road trip also felt like our “last hurrah” in a sense, because we probably won’t be doing much traveling this summer after Jake’s baby brother is born. And judging from how uncomfortable the car ride was for me in my pregnant state, we probably won’t be doing much traveling this spring, either. The last hurrah!

There are really three main reasons why we love to visit Florida:




Jake with his GREAT grandmother!

I feel ashamed about how few pictures that I got of us with family while we were in Florida! I really dropped the ball on it this time. But we got to see everyone, even if only for a little while. Justin and I both (by a weird coincidence!) have family down in Florida, so we were able to see both sides. And go to my cousin’s wedding shower, which was so nice–especially since I’ll be missing her wedding this summer! 😥

2. FSU

fsu collage

We love any chance to visit our alma mater! Tallahassee holds so many sweet memories for us, and even though we’re living in Tennessee now, we still hope that we’re raising a future Seminole. 🙂 We also still have so many college friends who are living in Tallahassee, and when we visit it’s like a big reunion! (Except everyone has jobs and kids now and much earlier bedtimes).


Seminole clan 2016

Did I get any pictures with said friends? Of course not. But that’s okay…I was busy visiting with friends and playing games and laughing and eating and just enjoying my time. 🙂


beach collage

We spent most of our time in Florida in the Tampa area, so we decided to head over to John’s Pass–a place that I used to vacation with my family every year when I was growing up. I haven’t been back there in so long! And like anyone who revisits childhood nostalgia, it was different than I remembered. I remembered a HUGE boardwalk along the ocean, but in reality, the boardwalk took us about five or six minutes to walk, and we were at the end of it already! And there was a strange fog that had settled over that entire area of coastline (just that day, of course) due to cold fronts and warm temperatures mixing, or something.

johns pass collage

Regardless, I still love listening to the sound of the water lapping the shore, the seagulls flying overhead, and I even kinda like the salty/fishy smell of the water (especially if I know I’m eating fresh fish for dinner!). We went swimming for a couple of hours that afternoon (even though the water was still FREEZING in March) at Madeira Beach. I was nervous that Jake would be afraid of the water–there are so many things that he’s afraid of now that he wasn’t afraid of when he was younger. I suppose as he becomes more aware of his surroundings, fear starts to settle in. While the ocean waves did make him nervous at first, he quickly adjusted and started splashing and having fun in the water. In fact, there were several times when he got so caught up in the fun that tried to jump out of my arms and into the water, and I really had to hang on to him tight!

We returned to the boardwalk to eat dinner at the Friendly Fisherman, and we were able to meet up with some more college friends! They have two children now (who we have seen extensively on Facebook, but never had the chance to meet!), and they live and work in the St. Pete area. Again, we were too busy chasing around three kids and trying to make sure that they ate their dinners (or in Dacey’s case, trying to make sure that they DIDN’T eat the crayons) to get any pictures. But Jake may have ACTUALLY eaten (and enjoyed!) fried calamari, there may have been a brief dolphin siting, and there was DEFINITELY Kilwin’s ice cream after dinner. It was such a nice time!


Daddy’s little man


Me and the little-man-on-the-way!


Thinking about Florida makes me want to go back! And I feel sad that I’m not sure when we’ll return…it will probably be at least a year. I remember traveling down to Florida when Jake was just a few months old and still nursing, and it is TOUGH to take a long car ride with a nursing baby. And I have yet to experience the joy of traveling with two little ones…but that just means that when we DO make it back, it will be a very special trip! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Three Reasons Why We Love to Visit Florida

  1. Jake’s smile at the 48 second mark of that video is adorable! So glad you guys had such a wonderful visit! Florida is such a wonderful place! Also, you are so beautiful! I love that shot of you in the ocean!

    • Thank you! When we got further out into the ocean and played in the waves, Jake was having fits of hysterical giggles. I wish I could have gotten video of that, but my camera would have been soaked!

  2. Just a flight away. Its on my list now. ☺

    Sabrina ||

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