Out of the Mouth of JAKE


Jake admiring (squashing) the flowers at the University of Tennessee Gardens.

Now that Jake is talking all. the. time. I realized that I need to write down some of the cute things that he says and does because he’s going to grow out of them so quickly! I’m writing them in a paper journal, but I wanted to post them here as well to share with family and friends. My intention is to make this a post that I update regularly, so that I can look back and marvel at how much he’s grown and changed! sniff.

Out of the Mouth of JAKE:

One day I took Jake into the dressing room at Marshalls with me because I was trying on some summertime maternity clothes. As I started to get undressed, Jake screamed out, “NAKEY, NAKEY!” at the top of his lungs and started giggling. (Um…embarrassed much?) I didn’t realize it, but we really do sing/chant that to him each time we get him undressed for a bath. I need to be more careful about what I say!

When Jake wants to get up (onto the couch, into our arms, etc.) he says, “Pup pup pup!” instead of “up!”

Jake enjoys watching Wheel of Fortune after dinner and calling out random letter suggestions to the contestants. One of his favorite letters to guess is “W,” but inexplicably, his other favorite letter to guess is “elbow!”

The other day, Jake bumped my chin really hard with the top of his head. I said, “Ouch!” (which usually just makes him laugh at me), but to my surprise, this time he said, “I sorry,” and he clasped my face tenderly with both hands and gave me a kiss on the lips. Where did that come from?! I was stunned.

We have taught Jake to fold his hands when we pray (usually before dinner). We have tried repeatedly to teach him to say “amen” when we finish praying, but he won’t do it. He has his own ending:  after we say “amen,” he throws both hands in the air and shouts something that sounds like “and all times!”

Lately, Jake has been really amused by fake coughing and sneezing (maybe because he’s been sick all winter? Poor guy). He also does this thing now where he wants to squint his eyes and sing the alphabet song in a weak/sick moaning voice. He thinks it’s HILARIOUS when I join in with him. In fact, most of the time he’ll groan out a few letters with his eyes squinted and then open his eyes and give me a sideways look, waiting for me to take the bait. One day we were having a picnic in the park and he got me singing/whimpering the alphabet this way, and people were passing right by us–it was embarrassing! If I keep encouraging that, people are going to think that he (or WE) have problems!

Jake likes to wrestle and roughhouse with Daddy in the playroom while I’m in the kitchen making dinner. When Justin picks him up and tosses him around, he shouts, “Ahhh-BOOO!” He’s said it so often that Jake has labeled that as the name for their “game,” and he frequently requests to play “Abu” now. He has a knack for asking to play when Daddy is exhausted and lounging on the couch. 🙂

I’ll leave you with this: a video that I took a few weeks ago during our Florida trip. It was just a random night at Justin’s aunt’s house, eating reheated leftovers on paper plates, but for some reason, Jake was getting so tickled that I just had to start filming. Watching this video just makes me smile. And as an added bonus, I’m sure Justin will be thrilled that his antics are online for everyone to see.

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4 thoughts on “Out of the Mouth of JAKE

  1. That video is adorable!! Oh Jake, you are growing up so fast! And all these little sayings are so cute!

  2. I loooove these types of posts. Keep ’em coming! Jake has so much wisdom to share with us.

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