Out of the Mouth of JAKE

My husband recently reminded me that I need to continue recording some of the funny things that Jake says–which is pretty ironic, considering he is very hands-off when it comes to my blogging. He even suggested that I start titling my posts “Life According to Jake”–which isn’t a bad idea, if the “Life is Good” brand doesn’t mind me ripping off their trademark stick-figure mascot. Justin rarely reads anything that I post (that he tells me about, anyway), his excuse being that he’s already lived through whatever I’m writing about, for the most part. But it seems we are both equally crazy about our little red-haired man, and we don’t want to forget the silly things that he says, because before we know it, he will grow up and move on to the next thing!

sidewalk chalk

Summertime fun–playing with sidewalk chalk

Lately, Jake has been kind of obsessed with our cat, Fonzie. When Fonzie comes slowly sauntering into the room, Jake will look up and say, “Fah-cat!” (“Fonzie-cat”) and start chasing him down, usually with the intention of laying his head on Fonzie’s back to give him a “hug.” Fonzie doesn’t really appreciate these hugs, of course, but Jake doesn’t seem to realize that. –> As a side note, Justin has started training Jake to feed the Fonz! I thought it was a bad idea; I felt for sure that Jake would end up spilling dry kibble all over the floor, but he has taken his role at feeding time very seriously. Justin will scoop some food out of the bag and hand it to Jake, and Jake will take the cup very carefully, holding it with both hands and shuffling slowly to Fonzie’s dish (as if he’s carrying a glass full to the brim of water), and pour it into his Fonzie’s bowl. It’s a good sign that we could be ready to take on another pet–not any time soon–but someday when Jake’s a little older.

My belly has been growing bigger and bigger (the grocery store cashier actually joked with me the other day, asking me if I was trying to smuggle out a watermelon under my shirt–ha HA), and Jake is starting to take more interest in this supposed baby that is on the way soon. I still don’t think he completely understands, but he has learned to call my belly a baby, and just like with the Fonz, he likes to lay his head on my belly and say, “Hi Baby!” He likes to do this skin-to-skin though, and sometimes he’ll start trying to lift my shirt to say hi to the baby when we’re out in a public place (like the grocery store, or at church with friends). It can get awkward when I have to explain to people why my toddler son is trying to undress me, and even more awkward when I tell him, “No! Not now,” and it sends him into a full-on toddler meltdown.

Jake is learning new words now at break-neck speed, and he’s realized that if he knows the word for something, he can ask for it and there’s a good chance we’ll hand it to him. But sometimes he is still difficult to understand, and when he utters an unintelligible word, it becomes a guessing game.

*At the dinner table*

Jake: (mumbles word and points) Eh? Eh?

Me: Jar? (pointing) Is this what you want?

Jake: (continues pointing) Eh? Eh?

Me: Juice? Do you want more juice?

Jake: Juice! Okay! Okay!

That’s the other funny thing about Jake. He has never used the word “yes.” In place of that, he uses the word “okay.” Sometimes now he gets so excited that he repeats the word “okay” over and over, which would make anyone else sound really impatient, but when Jake does it, it just makes us laugh.

eating noodles

Enjoying some fettuccine (or “cheesy noodles” as Jake calls it)

The fact that Jake’s food vocabulary has expanded so much can be cause for annoyance, though. Jake is a REAAAAALLLY slow eater (I’m talking 45-minutes to finish a meal), and sometimes he’ll just sit there playing with his food. When I try to ask him if he’s all finished, he’ll sometimes start requesting any random food that he can think of. “Strawberries? Ah-wivs (Olives)? Cheesy?” Sometimes I’ll grant his request, but sometimes I won’t if it’s something I don’t want him to eat (like CAKE) or if it’s something that we don’t have, and he gets frustrated and has a tiny-toddler-fit-of-rage in his highchair. But for the most part he’s a good eater.

At dinner time we’ve taken to requesting that Jake at least try things. Sometimes he’ll just look at something that I put on his plate and he’ll say, “Don’t like it.” We encourage him to try it (sometimes even using a song that we learned from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood), and he’ll at least put it in his mouth about half of the time. Sometimes, though, he flips the “try it” thing around on me and it backfires. One day he saw me drinking a Cherry Coke, and he said, “Try it?” I questioned him back, “You want to try mommy’s drink?” and he said, “Okay! Okay!” Of course, I had to tell him no! Another time, Jake had a piece of mangled up food (that I’m pretty sure he had in his mouth and spit out) that he kept playing with on the tray. When I encouraged him to finish eating his dinner, he picked up the food and said, “Try it!” holding it out for me to take a bite. I probably looked like such a hypocrite when I said, “No! I’m not trying that! It’s for YOU.”

Jake has been drinking less and less milk, preferring to get his dairy quota from yogurt or cheese, but when he DOES request milk he yells it in a loud obnoxious voice that sounds like, “MAAALLK!!” We’re not sure why he always shouts that word, but it makes us laugh every time.

Jake is curious about everything and he asks really apt questions now. The other day he caught me trimming his mattress liner that had a plastic piece that had ripped, trying to salvage the rest of it. He looked at me and said, “What’s mommy doing?” It threw me off, and I wasn’t sure how to answer his question. I just said, “Um…I’m fixing it!” and he repeated back, “Fix it! Okay!”

Baby Teddy is on his way in just a few weeks now, and a lot has been happening at home since I’ve been finished with school. We are in the midst of transferring Jake to his “big boy” room to get the nursery ready for his baby brother. I really want to post pictures because his room has come such a long way, but I’ll wait until everything is COMPLETELY finished before I post a blog about it. I also still need to write a post about how his 2nd birthday party went! Stay tuned! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Out of the Mouth of JAKE

  1. Oh my goodness, Mallory takes forever to eat too! She’s about to be four and she is still a slow eater (though hopefully Jake will speed up a little for ya!). When she was that age I just always allotted 45 minutes to an hour for her lunch times too! She’s more in the 30 minutes range now, but that’s still a long time for a simple peanut butter & jelly sandwich or plate of mac & cheese. Honestly, I think she doesn’t like to chew. She will slurp down apple sauce or yogurt in seconds. But anything that requires chewing takes her fooorever, ha!

    So exciting that Teddy will be here SO SOON!

    • The slow eating drives me crazy! At this point, I just get up from the table and start washing dishes, and Justin goes to watch the evening news in the living room, and Jake is left to finish dinner by himself, haha.

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