Jake’s 2nd Birthday

Jake is at that neat age now where he notices EVERYTHING and he’s starting to have preferences and favorites. I decided that his second birthday party should be Daniel-Tiger-themed because that is by far his favorite TV show at this point, and it’s a show that I don’t mind indulging in/celebrating.

For those of you living outside of the toddler-verse, Daniel Tiger is a cartoon spin-off of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. In fact, Daniel Tiger used to be one of the puppets that Mr. Rogers would go visit when he would take a ride on trolley, along with King Friday, etc. All of those characters have been adapted into cartoon format, and they’ve kept the theme song (“Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”) and a lot of the details the same–Daniel Tiger even has a traffic light and a fish tank in his kitchen like Mr. Rogers used to have. He sings a lot of auto-tuned songs about manners, dealing with difficult emotions, and friendship–with, I’ll admit, kind of catchy tunes. Jake has reached the level of fandom at which he can name all of the characters (and he names Trolley and the giant clock in the town square as characters as well) and attempt to sing along with the songs.

We also decided to host Jake’s party at a local playground. I felt like it would take some of the pressure off with not having to clean the house or worry about lack of space, and it would give the kids a place to play while the grown-ups could hang out. In the end, I probably went overboard with buying decorations for the pavilion that we used (not to mention, we had to get there SUPER early to save ourselves a spot. Saturday in Fountain City Park is PACKED). I’m still trying to figure out how to host a “low-key,” stress-free birthday party for my son, so check this off as another year that I went a little over the top. Maybe next year I’ll get it right…? (Especially since next year, I’ll be focused on Baby Teddy’s FIRST birthday party–Oh boy!)

Get ready for some PICTURES! My very talented photographer sister drove here from Kentucky to attend, and she took some amazing photos of Jake and his party! These are a few of my favorites:

party hat

You’d better believe that she captured this a millisecond before Jake ripped off that party hat. He just wasn’t having it–even though it looked so cute!


It was beautiful weather–mid to low 80’s with a breeze. Unfortunately, the pollen was in full force and making some of the party-goers sick (you could actually see the yellow blowing in the wind)!



getting ready

Setting up the food (another thing that I went overboard with–we had TONS of leftovers. Apparently I was preparing to feed an army). This party happened about a month ago, so the large belly that you see in this photo has nearly doubled in size at this point. 😛

dad with balloons

One of my favorite moments–my dad walking this giant bouquet of balloons from the car over to the pavilion when we were setting up. You should have seen Jake’s reaction! He was shouting, “Balloons!!” He was over-the-moon excited.


I think my dad is a little nervous that if he lets go, Jake will float away…


Jake with his cousins, my sister’s boys, Zach and Drew. Jake looks like such a big boy here!


The excitement of opening a bag FULL of Hot Wheels cars!

jake and daddy2

Jake LOVES going down the slide with his Daddy, and Justin is sweet enough to oblige (especially since I haven’t been doing much sliding lately!)


I love this sweet little guy so much! I can’t believe what a big boy he is now!

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5 thoughts on “Jake’s 2nd Birthday

  1. Oh I just can’t stand how cute he is!! I’m so glad your sister captured the photo of him with the party hat on. And he and your husband look so much alike in the slide picture! Same smile, I think.

    What a fun birthday party! You did awesome for your cute little guy.

    And you look fantastic!

    • Everyone ALWAYS comments on how Justin and Jake look just alike. Some of my family members are hoping that the next baby will look just like me, but I wouldn’t mind having another little one that looks just like Jake! He is an adorable little man! 😀

  2. TWO! He is just so big now! I can’t believe it! Looks like you guys had an awesome time celebrating! And hey, lots of leftovers just means that you don’t have to meal plan the next week. 😉

  3. myvballllife

    Congratulations! Looks like the party was a total hit! That feast looks amazing as well!!

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