Out of the Mouth of Jake

Now that Jake is talking all. the. time. I realized that I need to write down some of the cute things that he says and does because he’s going to grow out of them so quickly! I’m writing them in a paper journal (but let’s be honest. . .that paper journal has really fallen by the wayside), but I wanted to post them here as well to share with family and friends. My intention is to make this a post that I update regularly, so that I can look back and marvel at how much he’s grown and changed! sniff.

Out of the Mouth of JAKE:

Jake has overheard me using the phrase,  “it’s a big shame” on multiple occasions. When something goes wrong in his little world (the batteries have died on a favorite toy,  for example) I’ve heard him try to use this phrase,  invoking, “big Shane!”
Jake will put germy nursery toys in his mouth without hesitation, but when it comes to trying new foods at dinner time,  he’s not quite so enthusiastic.  He critically inspects each morsel,  as if he’s expecting someone to poison him.  Lately if he sees anything black in his food (a black bean,  a peppercorn, char from the grill,  etc.), he has started exclaiming,  “There’s a bug on it!” I never taught him that expression and I’m not sure where he got the idea that there would be bugs in his food,  but his new favorite phrase will be sure to make any of our dinner guests a little nervous. . .

The other day,  I asked Jake what he wanted for breakfast.  He excitedly yelled out,  “STRAWBERRIES!” I felt bad when I had to tell him that we didn’t have any strawberries.  Without missing a beat, he cheerfully exclaimed,  “How about. . .BANANAS!  That’ll work!” πŸ˜€

When Jake finishes any meal now,  he stands up in his chair and announces,  “I. ALL.  DONE!” He says it in such an adorable way,  I have to include a little 5 second video of him saying it:

Jake has officially learned his first comeback. I’m not sure where he picked it up from,  but he has been using it prolifically,  for every imaginable situation.  If I ask him a question or “accuse” him of something  (for example,  “Jake?  Do you have a poopy diaper?”) he’ll respond,  “No,  not ME!  This is YOU!” And sometimes he’ll just collapse into a fit of giggles and say,  “YOU!”
Speaking of that last one,  I recently tried to teach Jake how to respond if someone asks him his age. So naturally,  I started by asking him,  “Jake?  How old are you?” But I was surprised when he responded in an offended voice,  “No!  No old!  YOU! You old!” Well! That’s one way to get me to quit asking that question.  πŸ˜› 

Jake has learned,  through books and personal experience,  I suppose,  the concept of being scared. Of course, he’s been scared of certain things for awhile now (Santa Clause, anyone?), but now he understands the word to describe that feeling.  But he can be in denial about it sometimes. . . We’ve gotten LOTS of hand-me-down toys from both of our sisters for Jake (seriously,  a LOT.  Like,  we need to build an addition onto our home to house all of these toys),  but it’s hard to keep up with charged batteries for all of them. One day Justin came home from the store with a bunch of giant D batteries,  ready to power all of Jake’s new toys. But it can be kind of scary when a toy that has been perfectly still for weeks becomes animated and starts talking.  One of the toys was a green garbage truck.  When Justin placed the batteries inside of it,  it started standing up on its hind wheels and transforming into a robot.  He even started talking in a growly monster voice about all of the things he planned to do (“DESTRUCTION!” etc…I don’t remember exactly what he said). Jake stopped in his tracks with eyes the size of saucers and started shaking like a leaf.  But he insisted in his tiny, high-pitched Jakey voice,  “I not scared!”

Jake’s favorite thing to do right now is count.  He’s a champ at counting to ten, and he’s hit or miss at counting to twenty,  but he really loves to *attempt* to count to fifty or one hundred. He understands that whether he’s in the thirties or the sixties,  it’s just a matter of counting to ten,  but then he always messes up on the last one.  For example: “Sixty-eight,  sixty-nine, sixty-ten!” That’s okay. . .we still think he’s our little baby genius.  πŸ™‚

Hanging out in the grocery cart with little brother

Jake’s other favorite thing to do is puzzles.  He is surprisingly good at them–even puzzles that are supposed to be for ages four and up.  Every time he fits two pieces together he yells out, “That’s a match!” in his triumphant little voice. 
Jake still really repeats back things that we say to him like a little parrot. When he gets nervous or scared (the first specific time I remember this happening was during the fireworks display on the 4th of July), I hold him close and say,  “Don’t worry!  Mommy’s got you!” Now he has taken to saying it to himself whenever he gets nervous.  For example,  if he’s playing on the playground and the slide looks a little too intimidating to tackle on his own,  he’ll reach out for me and say,  “Mommy’s got you!” πŸ™‚

And I’ll just leave you with an adorable video of Jake and Teddy (which you may want to watch on mute on account of my super annoying baby talk voice):

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2 thoughts on “Out of the Mouth of Jake

  1. Jake is such a smart boy! Look at him counting so well already! And the whole “I All Done” thing is adorable! Not to mention his comebacks. πŸ˜‰

    Aww, look at Jake and Teddy together! So cute! And Teddy’s little grin is adorable. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! I think so too! I know that even just a year down the road, I’m going to really enjoy looking back on these memories because these boys are going to grow up so quickly! πŸ™‚

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