Fall Facebook Photo Flashback

I like the alliteration,  don’t you? I’m just going to go ahead and cram all of our fall adventures into a single photo-packed post.  Are you ready? 

First up is our annual trip to the pumpkin patch.  It seems like everywhere I go,  I see pumpkins on sale really cheap ($3.89 for large pumpkins at Walmart!). But when I was growing up,  we always went and picked our pumpkins out of a patch at a local church,  so that is what I have continued doing as an adult.  They’re priced a little higher,  but it’s good to know that the money they earn is going to a good cause. 

It also creates the perfect opportunity for a fall photo session–and officially my first time dressing the boys in coordinating outfits! 

Sitting on a hay bale is harder than it looks. . .

My handsome little man and his toothless smile 🙂

And since we’re calling this a “flashback”–here is Jake (on the left) two years ago when we first visited this pumpkin patch, and “Big Ted” on the right.

Staying at home with the boys can make me want to pull my hair out on some days,  but on days like last Friday when we took a trip to Oakes Farm,  I feel lucky that I get to skip out on work and have fun with my two little guys.  Oakes Farm is where many people around here go to get their pumpkins,  but let me tell you. . .they have a lot more going on than just a pumpkin patch.  Oakes Farm is a veritable theme park full of fall-themed fun.  They have the standard hay ride, petting zoo,  and corn maze, but they also have some different attractions,  like tractor races, a corn kernel swimming pool,  and a cannon that shoots pumpkins! 

Jake swimming in the corn

We skipped the corn maze and opted to explore this field of sunflowers instead. It was beautiful!

The biggest inflatable bounce (minus the house) that I’ve ever seen!

And of course,  there was Halloween.  I realize that the time to do coordinating family costumes is limited,  because soon each of my boys will have strong opinions about what they want to be for Halloween.  So I really tried to come up with a good one:

We have multiple Cat in the Hat books,  and Jake really enjoys the show on PBS, so he got a kick out of being Thing One.  And poor little Teddy was just along for the ride. Jake didn’t even dress up for his first Halloween,  but Teddy was dressed (in a blue wig,  no less!) and dragged all over to go trick-or-treating with his brother.  Poor guy.  At one point,  he just passed out:

It’s okay.  His brother collected more than enough candy for the both of them. (Speaking of which,  I was surprised about how many people attempted to give Teddy candy.  I get that they’re trying to be fair since they’re handing some to Jake,  but Teddy doesn’t really know what he’s missing,  so they don’t need to worry about that.  Because he’s a baby!  A BABY!)

We had so much fun this October,  I’ll be sad to see fall go.  I know that fall isn’t REALLY on the way out yet (it still feels like summer in east Tennessee, actually), but it seems like anymore,  Christmas starts on November 1.

But I’ll try to update again before Christmas!  😉

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4 thoughts on “Fall Facebook Photo Flashback

  1. Love the costumes! You all look great. Teddy was a trouper!

    That farm seems really great – such a variety of activities. The photo of Jake looking up in the sunflower field is lovely.

  2. Last week it was still nearly 90 here so I hear you on that summer weather! It’s feeling like fall here now, though after some rain came through. So glad you guys had so much fun at the pumpkin patch. Looks like they have so many cool things there! And they are such cute little Thing 1 and Thing 2!

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