Whole 30: Week 2 Recap

I am on day 16 of my Whole 30, which means I am over the hump and on my way to the finish line!

Let me tell you friends, week 2 was unexpectedly difficult. I wouldn’t say week 1 was a breeze, but it went by smoothly and I was surprised at how easily I was able to say “no” to all of my favorite foods. It was almost like I was in the “honeymoon” phase of my new diet. And then week 2 hit, and I wanted to eat. all. the. things. And I was so angry that I couldn’t! I was walking around glaring at people with their donuts and coffee, looking so smug! And it wasn’t like I was suddenly starving. In fact, I think my appetite has shrunk quite a bit because I rarely return to the stove for a second helping (and if I do, I regret it later because I feel overly full). I was just craving. And after feeling so pleased over my victory during week 1, I was suddenly feeling overwhelmed that I was going to be doing this for 3. more. weeks. But I’m hanging on. I’ve survived my second week, and I also survived my first meal in a restaurant without feeling like I was missing out on anything (except for the bread basket). 😉

I just never realized how surrounded I am by junk food. Even if I don’t leave the house all day long, every other commercial on TV shows people eating food, and it’s usually BAD food–360 views of cheeseburgers dripping with grease, people happily swigging back their Coca-Colas (always in the glass bottle?), ladies with their eyes closed moaning about how delicious their ice cream/yogurt/chocolate is. Even the morning news shows, like Today or Good Morning America, will have one segment about how to lose those holiday pounds, and then the next segment is how to throw a fabulous Super Bowl feast. What a bunch of hypocrites. <–See? Angry, just a little.

I tried something new during week 2. I researched a bunch of food box delivery services (and there were a BUNCH), and I ended trying a subscription to Green Chef, one of the only delivery services that offers Paleo-friendly meals (which is very similar to a Whole 30 diet). I felt like I was getting a great deal–they were offering six Paleo meals for $90, but I was getting $60 off of my first order–so six meals for $30! You can’t beat that! But after getting a little confused about delivery (we were set to only get three meals a week) and inquiring into it a bit, someone at Green Chef corrected me. I was actually getting THREE meals, each for two people, so they counted that as six. So I got three meals for $30. That’s still a good deal, but I couldn’t fathom spending $90 a week on just three of our dinners, so I cancelled after my trial.


Jake got really excited when the box arrived, and I think he was a little bit confused that it was filled with groceries. I was really impressed with how cold everything stayed. I brought the box in pretty quickly after it was delivered, but after unpacking it, the box itself (with the cool packs) stayed next to the door waiting for the trash until the next morning. When I went to take it out to the garbage the next day, the cool packs were STILL cold! I’m not sure what exactly they’re made of, but that’s great if your food gets delivered on a day that you’re not home. Everything was carefully packaged and the labels were color coded to help me find ingredients for each meal quickly. And EVERYTHING, down to the seasonings, was organic.

The recipe cards that came with the box were also really great. They were written for beginners–they didn’t have any weird instructions (like “sweat the onions”), and every step had a photograph to accompany it. I went ahead and saved the cards in case I want to make any of those meals again. Each meal was a bit time consuming, though. They each took about 40 minutes to make–not something you can save for a night when you’re really in a hurry.

In all, I only really ended up loving one meal out of the three. It was braised pork with sautéed brussel sprouts, onions, nitrate-free bacon, and (oddly enough) diced pears. It also came with a simple arugula salad on the side dressed with the juice of a lemon and some drizzled olive oil and some chopped hazelnuts. All of the flavors worked together really nicely, and it was DELICIOUS. Justin was out of town on the night that I made it, so I got to enjoy his serving the next day at lunch, and it even reheated really well!


My biggest complaint about the other two meals was not having enough food. Like I said, my appetite has shrunk a bit, but I still found myself needing more food (making a little salad on the side or something) to supplement the meal. And imagine how Justin felt! He immediately started popping some popcorn after one meal (one of the few snacks left in our pantry right now) because he was still hungry. Just to give you an idea, on one night we had tuna steaks with riced cauliflower and a mix of diced potatoes, tomatoes, and squash on the side. The food was delicious, but take a look at the portions:


The recipe card shows the portion that I was expecting, and this was what we actually got. Maybe they take their photo using a REALLY small plate?


After doing so much research, I’ve seen that some of the other food delivery services (like Blue Apron) are much more affordable. When I’m done with Whole 30, we may try one of those at some point. Now that I’ve subscribed to one, it seems like every advertisement on Google and Facebook is for food delivery now. I did notice an interesting one the other day–a company called Hungryroot. They are a little different, because they are a prepared-meal delivery service (think microwave dinners) that is entirely vegan. They really got my attention with their almond chickpea cookie dough. The customers in the comments are all raving about it, so I really want to try it (though I think I would have to wait until my Whole 30 is finished because of the chocolate).  It’s got to be healthier than the real thing, right? And meals that simply reheat in the microwave sounds so much more convenient to me than what I’ve been doing! I guess you could say I’m craving convenience as well as sweets at this point. 🙂

Coming up later this week, I’m going to my first potluck while on Whole 30 (but it helped that I got to suggest the meal), a birthday party (oh no! THE CAKE!), and a Super Bowl party. Wish me luck! It’s going to be a rough few days!

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4 thoughts on “Whole 30: Week 2 Recap

  1. We’ve tried Hello Fresh and it’s pretty good. I think the portions are smaller than we’re used to, but we’re probably just used to more than we SHOULD be eating! Thanks for the honesty! I bet week three will be a little better than week 2 and then week 4 will be awesome because you’ll feel so good and know the end is in sight.

    • Thanks, Amy! We were thinking about Hello Fresh, but I needed grain free c dairy free. I love the idea of having meals delivered, though, and trying new recipes! So I’ll think we’ll subscribe again (to another company)!

  2. Atta girl getting through week two even though it was so much harder! Way to stick with it!

    it is crazy how much we are surrounded by food in the media! I became especially aware of that in the first trimester when everything I saw (food related) made me sick and there was so much on TV and billboards! Yeesh!

    Bummer about the meals being such small portions. When I was actively trying to lose weight last year I found myself really filling up on veggies and such (kind of like you mentioned in your last post), but that’s hard to do with subscription meals when you can’t control how much food you are getting. I can see why it wasn’t a winner for you guys. I hope the next subscription service you try is better!

    • Yes! When you’re only eating meat and veggies, you really need to eat a lot! I think that’s why so many people (and families) who do Paleo have their own vegetable gardens and chicken coops, to keep costs low.

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