A Day in the Life

I’m completely stealing the idea for this post (and the title!) from my friend Amy and her blog–I hope she doesn’t mind!

It really is amazing how fast these little kiddos grow and change. I may feel stuck in a rut with my daily routine, staying at home and taking care of Jake and Teddy, but within a year (or even a few months), that routine may drastically change! So I decided to document a day in our life, complete with pictures, so that I can look back on it in a few years and marvel over how different everything is when my littles are into their next season of life.

Usually Teddy wakes up first. (Jake likes to “sleep in” until 8:30 or even 9:00 sometimes if I let him.) So I get him out of his crib, make him a bottle, and read my little five-minute devotional while he sucks it down. Not ideal for quiet time, I know…but the best that I’ve been able to manage lately. If Jake doesn’t wake up shortly after that, Teddy and I go wake him together. Teddy gets so excited when he sees Jake in the morning! Jake is usually pretty sleepy-eyed and not so excited to see us right away. I’ve been trying to teach Jake to say, “Good morning!” But usually, when I open his curtains and let the sunshine in, he just says, “Too bright!” and puts the covers back over his head.

This morning we’re up kind of early, so I turn on a cartoon for Jake and we hang out for a little bit while we both try to fully wake up. (Teddy is already in crawling/exploring mode on the playroom floor.) Then this happens:


And even though he’s a stinker approximately 17 times after that throughout the rest of the morning (telling me “no,” bossing me around, requesting that I stop singing, etc.), it was still a nice way to start the morning.


Next is breakfast. We have a lot of variety in our morning meal–sometimes just cereal and toast, sometimes a frozen waffle or bagel, or sometimes I’ll make bacon and eggs. This morning it’s the latter, and Teddy is just recently eating more table food, so he gets to have some scrambled eggs (and bananas!) too. I think more scrambled eggs end up in Teddy’s hair and on the floor than in his mouth, but that’s okay. It’s part of the process. It also makes me realize how far Jake has come with eating neatly and using utensils!


These boys are noisy while they eat. Jake likes to sing songs and roar like a monster, and Teddy just likes to scream and squeal. Jake loves pointing out when Teddy has food on his face and laughing about it. He’s constantly saying, “Look at him! He looks like Mater!” (Mater is the buck-toothed tow truck from the movie Cars, voiced by Larry the Cable Guy. Jake makes this comparison because of ONE time when Teddy had a little puff sticking out over his bottom lip and it looked like a buck tooth.) Teddy doesn’t know what Jake’s talking about, so he joins in and laughs because his brother is laughing. πŸ™‚


After breakfast, Teddy pretty much needs a bath, but I just try my best to wipe him down and get him out of his messy clothes. I put both him and Jake into the playroom while I try to clean up the *aftermath* in the kitchen. I hear lots of giggling and squealing, and when I enter the playroom I see this:


couch bouncing

Jake is a blur of motion. (In real life, too. Not just on camera.) πŸ˜‰

It’s pretty common for Jake to deconstruct the couch and use the couch springs as a trampoline (a daily occurrence). But my question to Jake is, “How did Teddy get up there?!” Jake just laughs, and Teddy evades my questions, too, so I guess I’ll never know. πŸ˜‰

Our mornings tend to look pretty different just depending on what’s going on. Usually about three days a week I’ll head over to the gym. But we’ve been going to the gym a lot this week because Jake just started swim lessons, so this morning we head to Fountain City Park instead. I always think it will take us 15 minutes to get ready and get in the car, and it always ends up taking us more like 40 minutes (because Jake pooped in his pants–still training–and I had to clean him up and wash them, and then Teddy needed a diaper change, and then spit up on his clothes, and then Jake peed in his pants and needed to change clothes again…). So it’s about 10:45 AM by the time we actually make it to the park.

I put Teddy in the stroller and Jake gets on his tricycle. The park has a fitness path that circles the perimeter, so I’m hoping to do a few laps until Teddy falls asleep in the stroller, and then Jake and I can park Teddy under a nearby tree for some shade and play on the playground together. But that’s not how it works today. Jake sees a couple of little boys on the playground, so he decides he wants to stop riding and play NOW after only one circuit around the park. So Teddy ends up missing his morning nap today, which will come back to bite me later this afternoon, but there’s not much I can do to MAKE him fall asleep.

me and teddy

What do we do when we can’t sleep? Take selfies, of course!


The little boys that Jake is playing with (i.e. chasing around and screaming at) decide to wade into the stream that runs through the park. I don’t really want Jake to get into the stream, because last time we let him do it he ended up falling in and he was SOAKED. But I can see that Jake really wants it, so I roll up his shorts and hope for the best.


AAAAANNNDDD….he ends up sitting in the water. Oh well. I do have a change of shorts in my diaper bag, mostly because we’re in a season of potty training, but at least he won’t have to ride home wet.

I can see Jake struggling to interact with the boys. One is older than him, and one is younger than him. But Jake doesn’t really know how to start a conversation, so he just hangs out near them in the stream. At one point, he starts playfully throwing rocks in their direction, but it isn’t really received well (some of the rocks hit the younger boy!), so I tell him to stop. I have to tell him repeatedly to stop, and when he continues laughing and throwing rocks, I have to grab him by the arm and get face to face with him, and I threaten to spank him if he continues throwing rocks. The other boys get deadly serious and quiet, until the older one speaks out and admonishes Jake, saying, “That’s why I always listen to MY mommy.” In the background, his mommy emphatically insists that this is not the case.

Eventually, the other boys leave and Jake starts getting cold and shivery from the creek water, so we head back to the car. When Jake isn’t nearly running over elderly people on the fitness walk with his tricycle, he is stopping approximately 57 times along the way to gather up sticks, leaves, and other “treasures.” He tries to get me to hold them all for him, but I insist that he pack them into the rear compartment of his Radio Flyer, you know, to teach him responsibility and stuff. And because I don’t want to carry them.


Jake gets into a fresh pair of shorts, and…

dry clothes

…Teddy is already asleep before I even start the engine.


We go home, and Teddy sleeps through lunch, which makes it a quiet affair for just Jake and me. Teddy wakes up as I’m putting Jake in bed for a nap. It’s hard to figure out exactly what he wants, but he’s definitely upset. He’s all messed up after missing his morning nap. I try to feed him some lunch, but he screams and screams. So I try to rock him back to sleep, but he’s not having that either. Eventually, I let him play with toys in the playroom for a little while until he definitely starts showing signs of being tired, and then I hold him while he drifts off to sleep. (And I might possibly drift off to sleep for awhile, too.)

The afternoon is prime time to get a few chores done before we head out for the evening. I play a couple more cartoons for Jake while Teddy plays with toys on the floor and I fold some laundry. Not long after Justin arrives home from work, we head back out for our Wednesday night small group. Tonight we’re gathering to eat a meal together and listen to our pastor and his wife share some tips on parenting. These are some photos that I took a few weeks ago, but we just love hanging out with this crew!


Jake and his friends πŸ™‚

teddy and asher

Teddy and his buddy Asher, who was born only TEN days before him. They are destined to be besties.



We all get to bed a little later than we normally do, but it’s worth it to spend time with sweet friends. Teddy goes down without much of a fight (he is just so exhausted!), but Jake requires a bedtime story before he’s willing to get tucked in, even if it is getting late. We read his current favorite, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, and then we call it a night.

“Today is gone. Today was fun!

Tomorrow is another one.

Every day from here to there,

Funny things are everywhere.” –Dr. Seuss πŸ™‚

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3 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. So fun to get a peak into your typical routine! Sounds like there is a lot of mess (and changing of clothes), but also a lot of fun and laughter. So sweet! πŸ™‚

  2. What a fantastic park! Sounds like you are very busy but have a happy home.

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