Cruise to the Bahamas

picture of picture

Yes, I definitely snagged this photo from the wall of photos that they take against your will and then try to charge you a ridiculous amount for later. 😉


The last time that Justin and I went on a cruise was in July 2007, for our honeymoon. It seemed fitting to go on another cruise to celebrate our 10th anniversary! In many ways it was nostalgic being back on a boat again (with no kids!), but it was also much different this time around.

last day

Nothing like a handsome man on a boat. ❤

boat 3

Panoramic view of the pool deck before leaving Port Canaveral.



The biggest difference was that in 2007, we had no kids. We were kids, LOL. We were fresh out of college, so all of the luxuries of cruise life (i.e. sleeping in, staying up super late, eating food prepared by someone else at any random time of the day, etc.) were already kind of standard, and we didn’t appreciate it as much. This time around, I was highly aware of how nice it was to sit down and eat dinner that I didn’t have to cook and didn’t have to clean up afterwards. And it was so great to be able to have a conversation (a REAL conversation because no cell service on the boat, so we just kept our phones in our suitcases for the most part) without the interruption of a screaming baby or whiny toddler! It was relaxing. So relaxing that I found at least a couple of times each day to fit in a meal/snack that wasn’t strictly necessary. Plate of French fries eaten poolside? Yes please!

coco cay buffet

Hopefully no PETA readers on my page…Justin getting a little slice of slow-roasted pig.

conga line

It wouldn’t be a cruise without the traditional conga line through the formal dining hall. 😉



But surprisingly, it was hard to let go of our children. Surprisingly, because there are always those moments during the day when I feel stressed out, and I would think, “I can’t wait to leave these kids behind on our cruise!” But when our cruise actually came around, Justin and I kept talking about them constantly. We even wondered seriously if we should have at least brought Jake along with us (instead of leaving him with Justin’s dad in Florida), because there were so many fun things for kids to do on the boat. And much of my trip was occupied by me trying to find a free wi-fi connection on my phone so that I could Skype my parents (who were taking care of Teddy for us) and check on him. In the end, I’m glad that we went without kids, but they still ended up occupying at least 75% of my thoughts while I was away.

florida jake

But seriously, who wouldn’t miss this little guy?!



Side note: When we reunited with Jake right outside of the cruise port after our 3-day journey, he said, “I’m so happy to see you, Mama!” about 50 times on the car ride back home, which just melted my heart. ❤


A historical library in Nassau–we went inside, and they actually had a really good selection (in English!) But no A/C…


Another big difference on this cruise compared to our honeymoon cruise: I realized that I no longer know how to deal with “downtime.” I don’t remember doing more than a handful of cruise activities on our honeymoon. I remember just laying around by the pool, eating ice cream, and *ahem* spending a lot of time in our stateroom. On this cruise, I kept the itinerary in my bag and consulted it constantly to figure out what to do next. We played trivia, gameshows, and song lyric contests…we saw every single stage show that they offered…we watched (but did not participate) in karaoke every night…we climbed rock walls, (Justin) played soccer, cornhole, shuffleboard, ping pong, and even visited the cruise boat gym (but didn’t end up using the equipment, HA). We stayed BUSY. And even then, I didn’t feel very busy at all. In fact, I read an entire book during our three day cruise, just sitting out by the pool and in our room at night before going to bed. There was just so much TIME. And I miss having time, but by the end of our trip, I was actually ready to not have SO much time on my hands. It was a little unnerving!

trivia game

Trivia in the center court


Left: Justin got this action shot of me competing in a cornhole tournament. I actually ended up with a pretty good score! Right: Justin also captured my shameful descent down the rock wall when I started to get a little too scared of my height, but I was also too afraid to let go and rappel down the wall. In the corner, you can see the rock-wall worker trying to coax me to let go, LOL.


This hammock was actually a little more uncomfortable than I imagined a hammock would be. Right after taking this photo, Justin got out of the hammock because he was tired of baking in the sun. I tried to ease into the center, and immediately flipped myself over and face-planted into the sand. WOMP womp. :-/

paddlboard collage

As it turns out, I’m a pro at paddleboarding when I stay on the sand, HAHA! Justin was actually a champ, and I spent most of my time trying to catch up to him and getting pushed back by the waves. Neither of us was able to (successfully) stand on the board. Paddleboarding is a lot more difficult (and tiring!) than it looks.





When we were still in the planning stages, I was really hoping that we could do something other than the Bahamas. I wanted to go to Panama and see the canal, or go to the recently-opened-for-business Cuba and experience the culture. Seeing the wildlife and trying a zipline in Costa Rica would have been amazing! But alas, there are not very many options when you’re wanting to take a three-day cruise. In the end, doing a short cruise to a relaxing tropical locale was absolutely perfect.

coco cay

I absolutely loved Coco Cay and felt gypped that we only got to spend a very short amount of time there. I would have rather spent more time here than on Nassau with all of the aggressive street vendors. But it was only a three-day cruise…

night time

Left: Nassau at night, Right: The moonlight over the water (and another ship on the horizon!)

boats collage

Just a LITTLE bit obsessed with taking pictures of our boat from a distance. LEFT: Our boat as seen from the shore of Coco Cay, RIGHT: Our boat parked at the end of the street in Nassau.




Justin and I have already started talking about whether we’ll do another cruise for our 20th. At that point, I think it would be fun to take the boys (ages 11 and 13–eek!) with us and do something a little more outside the box, like an Alaskan cruise or a Mediterranean cruise. We’ll see! 😉

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2 thoughts on “Cruise to the Bahamas

  1. I love cruising so I’m so glad to hear that you guys had so much fun! So funny to read how different this cruise was for you guys now that you have kids (even though they didn’t come on the trip).

    • There have been several stressful moments since then when Justin and I have looked at each other and said, “Don’t you ever wish you could just go back on the boat?” 🙂

      On Sat, Aug 19, 2017 at 7:05 PM, the new normal. wrote:


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