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Back to School

It’s official… I am leaving stay-at-home-mommyhood and rejoining the workforce. I landed a teaching job here in Knoxville!

See? It's etched in stone! ...Err...plastic.

See? It’s etched in stone plastic!

I’ll be teaching eleventh grade English, and I am really excited! One of my classes will be AP, so I am also a bit nervous about stepping up to the challenge. But I rocked AP English when I was in high school, so I’ve got this. 😉

Another reason that this new job is so exciting is because it is a Christian school. Some of you may not know this, but I attended Christian school from sixth grade through twelfth grade.

Me surrounded by my sweet friends! We were on our beginning-of-the-school-year retreat freshman year.

Me surrounded by my sweet friends! We were on our beginning-of-the-school-year retreat freshman year.

I feel like I’m coming full circle. I’ve experienced Christian school as a student. I understand its advantages and its flaws (no Christian school is perfect!). I remember what it feels like to wear a uniform, go to chapel on Thursday mornings, have my Algebra teacher conduct morning devotionals out of the Catechism (LOL–true story! He was pretty intense!), and go on school-wide retreats. It will be so neat to experience all of that again, from a teacher’s perspective. I’ll be the one enforcing dress code, still attending chapel on Thursday mornings, conducting prayer/devotionals (but not from the Catechism, thanks!), and chaperoning school-wide retreats. This school is new to me, but so far, everyone on faculty and staff has been so friendly and loving, and it strangely feels like coming home.

Or maybe it isn’t strange at all. 🙂

And really, they must be winners if they chose me even after viewing my horrible video resume. Really…it starts out okay, and it just slowly unravels until at the end, I’m obviously reading from a script off to the side of the screen. And my face just looks…weird. Is that really the way my mouth looks when I talk? After twenty-something takes, I was just ready to be done with it and submit it. I don’t know how the news anchors do it!

Only eleven more days until school starts!

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