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Goodbye Summer.

How I have missed you, blogging friends! I’m back from my looong two month hiatus from blogging. It’s a break that I never really meant to take, but…life got in the way.


When you say “life,” you mean ME, right? 😉


I’m not really sure what possessed me to write in a previous post that Teddy is an “easy baby.” I really jinxed myself, because he has spent every moment since then trying to prove me wrong. I wouldn’t call him a “bad” baby necessarily (who would call their child that?), and he is still really happy–laughing and giggling more than any other babies his age. It’s just that somewhere around the two-month mark he really became more AWAKE, and when he’s awake he’s in near constant need of something–milk, snuggles, attention, entertainment even (it must get boring staring up at the ceiling, right?). And I’m caring for a bossy toddler on top of that. So when afternoon nap time comes (my SANCTUARY), and they both magically fall asleep at the same time, and I can finally take a break from keeping all of the plates spinning, do I feel like blogging? Usually not. I generally feel like taking in some mindless TV, reading a book, or taking a nap myself.


These moments when they both fall asleep at the same time…magical.


I briefly considered deleting my blog altogether since I’m posting so infrequently now, and have no hope in the near future of posting more often. Then when I recovered from my melodramatic late night musing, I realized that I won’t ALWAYS be the mother of a toddler and an infant (in fact, I’ve learned from my experience with Jake that this stage of life will pass really quickly), and at some point I will want to return to my blog as a more frequent contributor. Because when I’m not feeling so exhausted all of the time, I really do enjoy writing.

(In fact, I’ve been thinking more and more lately about the novel that I started writing and never finished–back when we had just returned from our year in China, but we hadn’t had Jake yet. And while I’m in no fit shape to start finishing it at the moment, it is fun to let my mind wander at the possibilities of where the story could go when I am ready to sit back down at the keyboard.)

In other news, fall is approaching, and I’m having trouble joining all of the avid fall enthusiasts out there who have started wearing their knee-high boots and ordering PSLs at Starbucks even though we’re still reaching highs in the 80’s this week. I usually really love fall, but this year, with the crazy whirlwind that our life has been for these past few months, I’m sad to see summer go. The end of summer means the end of days at the pool or playing at the splash pad, lazy evenings after dinner when the sun takes extra long to set and we can go for neighborhood walks or decorate the patio with sidewalk chalk, and the end of barbeques with friends. I spent enough time outdoors this summer that I actually managed to get a little bit of a tan, and we even had somewhat of a “staycation” when Justin’s family came to visit us in August. We spent a week being touristy with his sister and her family, hanging out in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge and seeing all the sites.





Top left: Justin riding go karts, Top middle: John (our brother-in-law) and Justin sampling Moonshine, Top right: our nephew Peter at Wonderworks, Lower pictures: Jake and I having fun at the aquarium 🙂


Jake with his cousin Christopher–who, clearly, he would follow to the ends of the earth. ❤




Our two little guys at one of our favorite Pigeon Forge spots–the Apple Barn. We don’t go there often, but when we do,  I plan to recreate this picture every time. 🙂


Now that fall is here, it’s time to start thinking about all of the upcoming holidays and I’ve even heard people talk about starting their Christmas shopping! For me, I can’t help but think that once fall has started, winter isn’t far behind…and that means staying cooped up indoors with two little guys this year–YIKES! That may be part of the reason that the Halloween decor has come down from the attic, but the boxes still remain unpacked, just sitting in the bonus room.

What is your take on fall? Are you busy romanticizing it and carving your pumpkin already, or are you reluctantly giving up summer like I am?

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